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Who are the lucky recipients

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Free decoders are sent directly to the homes of many citizens to facilitate the passage of the digital land. Let’s get to know the recipients of the welcome pack.

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An agreement signed between Poste Italiane and the Ministry of Electronic Development states that many citizens will receive it Free decoder right at home Compatible with the new CVB-T2 standard. The decision stems from the need to encourage digital transformation to the elderly, who are more technically and economically vulnerable. buy one New compatible TV With the new signal or digital ground to be connected to an old TV is essential to continue watching your favorite channels. The network is adapting to change and innovation and HD has become a prerequisite for a better channel viewing experience. the TV bonus I was born with the intention of facilitating this change but it was necessary to take an extra step and it has been done.

Free decoding, who will get it

Awarded by the Ministry of Electronic Development‘free shipping Decoders are compatible with people who have files Over 70 years old and lower income to 20 thousand euros every year. Sarah Italian Post Carry out in-home delivery of interested parties in a way that speeds up procedures and allows everyone To see channels that are no longer visible since last October Except with a change of TV or a new decoder. TGPoste confirmed the agreement with the Ministry and the delivery of worth 30 euros. The project will employ thirty thousand postal employees and about 13 thousand post offices on our peninsula.

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Digital Submission Procedure

To get a free decoder, you will need to place an order. Interested parties can go to the post office or contact the company by phone for book an appointment for delivery. Poste Italiane officials will indicate more than 70 editions day and time The postman will come home to leave the package containing the decoder.

One last problem remains, the digital connection to the TV. Poste Italiane has thought about the difficulties citizens might have in connecting the two devices. As a result, he decided to give up Telephone assistance Which will guide you step by step in the process of installing the decoder obtained for free.

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