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Contact my agent – Italy: interview with the main characters

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Here is our interview with Paola BuratoAnd Sarah Lazarus And Kazeeamong my translators Contact my agent – Italyavailable on Sky and NOW from January 20. Contact my agent – Italy It is the expected new version of Dix pour cent (contact my agent!). written by Lisa Nur Sultan (on my skinAnd 7 women and a mysteryAnd Study the battle), Directed by Luca Ripoli (I hope de died earlierAnd Mafia only kills in the summerAnd we), the Italian adaptation of the French cult is A a series Sky original In six episodes produced by Sky Studios and Palomarstarting January 20th with two episodes per week every Friday on Sky Serie (episodes which obviously will also be available on demand).

The twists and turns of a powerful entertainment agency and the stories of its partners, grappling with the careers of Italian cinema’s biggest stars, in a wry and irreverent journey behind the scenes of our show. In the Italian version, in fact, the actor’s management agency was at the center of the story, and CMA (Claudio Maiorana Agency)he moves from Paris to Rome, and thus the events, between work and private life, of his charismatic clients and their assistants.

Michael De Moro (Study the battleAnd flash crimesAnd Saint Maradona), Sarah Drago (Big gluttonyAnd JezebelAnd she), Maurice Lastreco (Latin americaAnd devotionAnd Don Matteo) And Marcia Ubaldi (PredatorsAnd Subura – SerialAnd the people) interpret the agents of some of the biggest names in Italian entertainment, all grappling with tragic problems to be solved in each episode, in escalating conflicts.

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The cast of guest stars is exceptional: they’ll play themselves Stephen AccorsiAnd Paula CortelsiAnd Matilda DeAngelisAnd Pierfrancesco Favino And Anna VerzettiAnd Conrad Guzzante And Paolo SorrentinoTo give a hard time to the agents and their assistants, who played the latter Sarah Lazarus (Document – in your handsAnd 18 giftsAnd I wanted to be a rock star), Francis Russo (Brilliant friendAnd Classic horror story), Paola Burato (Bang Bang Baby). and with Kazee (dog years) as Sophia, the agency’s receptionist, ed Emmanuel Fanelli In one of CMA’s most “extravagant” actresses.

Call my agent – Italy, the plot

Welcome behind the scenes of the Italian show business from the point of view of those involved in managing the careers – and lives – of the stars and agents. Lea, Gabriele, Vittorio and Elvira are the soul of CMA and give it theirs, willing to do anything to make their stars shine. Managers, Friends, Confidants, Psychologists: The Good Factor is all of this and more. And they, each in their own style, are the best. Between hectic days and social nights, it’s their private lives that lose out… but deep down they take great pleasure in noticing. But with founder Claudio Maiorana gone, things will get a little more complicated.

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