Home Top News Winter Olympics, Live! Italy-Canada: Fifth defeat to Mosuri and Retornas’ Asuri

Winter Olympics, Live! Italy-Canada: Fifth defeat to Mosuri and Retornas’ Asuri

Winter Olympics, Live!  Italy-Canada: Fifth defeat to Mosuri and Retornas’ Asuri

Italy fails to impress decisive change in men’s curling competition at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Assouri were able to wake up from their exhaustion by beating Switzerland yesterday after four consecutive defeats, and they had to get better at Canada, which expects a more complex qualification for the semi-finals. Unfortunately, the 7-3 surrender came, Leaving the honor of arms at the end of the ninth. Our national team suffers fifth defeat in the Games (previously against Great Britain, Sweden, China, Russia) e The possibility of accessing the knockout stage is very remote: Need to win the last three games against the United States, Norway and Denmark, expect a long series of positive results in other matches.

Italy-Switzerland regain their first victory at 8-4: 2

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Beijing 2022

Moser’s latest masterstroke 2022 in Beijing

17/02/2022 03:59

09.19 – Game Over, 7-3 Canada

Here comes the triple for Canada that will officially end the tournament. Italy drops the final decision. 7-3 Final score. Competition report soon.

09.01 – Ninth and final result

4-3 and Hammer for Canada.

08.59 – Italy hand, 4-3

We go down in the score, but again mistakes punish us. Especially of Mosnerin, from the third to the last stone. 4-3 for Canada. There are only two more hands to match. We need twins.

08.45 – Go, Eighth End!

Three hands to finish. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

08.44 – No hand, always 4-2

Blues work to place the hammer on the eighth tip. Retornaz good rejection in the final.

08.35 – Seventh result

Hammer us. We need to recover.

08.33 – Double Canada, 4-2

Worst result ever played by Asuri. How many mistakes. Too much. In the final, thanks to Retornaz’s rejection, we save ourselves from the Canadian triple. 4-2 for North Americans.

08.20 – Sixth result!

Hammer for Canadians.

08.15 – No Hands, 2-2

Canadians can bring their hands to the zero end wherever they want. Fixed score as 2-2. Now there is a small gap, and then we will return with the second half of the race. Good Italy so far. I am definitely recovering from the first three shows.

08.03 – New draw for Italy, 2-2

Blues beats the hand and finds new balance. Motion could have gotten one more point if it had failed. Conn and Arman are playing well now.

07.49 – Fourth result

The last stone to return to Italy.

07.47 – Canada wins 2-1

Punto Canada, but the best hand of Italy. Armon invents some crazy lines, and Mosesner and Retornas finish the job. Konin is also recovering. With the last stone, Kushou scored 2-1 for the North Americans.

07.34 – Third result

We leave immediately. Tireless. Blues should try to steal the hand.

07.32 – Blue Draw, 1-1

Finish with multiple errors. Dirty. Rough. Italy makes good use of the last stone and goes to the point with the regular Joel Retornas. Mosaner’s failures are also significant.

07.18 – Second End

Now Assuri needs to get two points.

07.16 – Hand stolen, 1-0 Canada

Italy works to do nothing with the hand, but a big decision by Kushu complicates our lives. The recent rejection of Retornaz has no effect. Stolen hand. 1-0 Canada.

07.05 – It starts, first ends

Prima stone for North Americans. Quartet with Galant, Walker, Nichols and “Robot” Kushu.

07.01 – We are here!

Italy (1-4) goes down to the field (3-2) against strong Canada. The last stone at the first end was won by Asuri. Conn returns. Quartet with him, Moses, Armon and Retornas.

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Calendar of Italy

  • Thursday, February 10 – 07.05 Italy – Great Britain (5-7) Report
  • Friday, February 11 – 02.05 Italy-Sweden (3-9) Report
  • Saturday 12 February – 07.05 Italy-China (9-12) Report
  • Sunday, February 13 – 02.05 Italy-Russia (7-10), 13.05 Italy-Switzerland (8-4) Report VS RussiaReport VS Switzerland
  • Monday, February 14 – 07.05 Italy-Canada
  • Tuesday, February 15 – 13.05 Italy-United States
  • Wednesday 16 February – 07.05 Italy-Denmark
  • Thursday, February 17 – 02.05 Italy-Norway

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Complete calendar of the Olympics

This is the comprehensive daily race calendar: Beijing 2022 is coming to heart. The times indicated are Italian times.

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Beijing 2022

Retornaz high speed, Italy closes games with another knockout

17/02/2022 03:47

Beijing 2022

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