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“That was right, scary lemon”

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Sully and Alex indulge in a passionate kiss, which provokes the reaction of the other competitors.

mark Turandot, during the live broadcast on Saturday 27 November 2021, Alex Bailey and Soleil Sorge let out a passionate kiss. A kiss that did not go unnoticed by my competitors big brother vipespecially a Sophie Codejoni.

Sophie Codegoni comments on the kiss between Alex Bailey and Sully Sorge

ll Passionate kiss between Alex and Soleil during Turandot Show the charisma and great complicity between the contenders from big brother vip. Immediately after the opera started, the influencer and actor was called to confession and Katia Ricciarelli Take the opportunity to take a look at it: “Check the kiss that was real”.

Lyrics Ricciarelli they caused Sophie’s reaction that consulted before Carmen Russo On the A kiss between Bailey and SorgeI have declared: “The kiss was so real, we saw it. Lemon so scary, wow.”.

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Soleil Sorge ready to leave Gf Vip

In the meantime, Soleil revealed to be Tired of being placed in the middle of love triangles and wants Departing from Casa del Gf Vip on December 13th: “I definitely get out of here on the thirteenth, it doesn’t make sense to stay here for the sake of the triangles […] These things don’t matter to me, I don’t want to be a part of them. I don’t want her to be raised on these unpleasant things.”.

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