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Cassini: “The second teams and the reform of Italian football: you said”

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Casini, president of Lega Serie A, spoke on Radio Anch’Io Sport about Italian football between Serie A and the second team.

Lorenzo chaospresident Serie A, talk to Ancho Sport Radio Italian football between league And the second difference. his sayings.

difference in cup“It is the most important signal. The lack of teams in the decisive stages of the Champions League or Cups has always put ratings lower than our league. This year’s results are not random ».

Seconds difference“We did a study to suggest ideas at lower costs. Marani, Zola and Ole Guirelli showed openness. We are now trying to make new changes to ensure that more teams, not just Juventus, can have the B team in Lega Pro.”

Leave“We play a lot, and I’m not the only one who said that. Reforms have to look at professional football as a whole.”

VAR“It’s a focal point and we appreciated Pasviky’s words. There are certain behaviors that need to be recorded. It is a tool to be defended but it is clear that a new protocol is needed to create uniformity.”

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