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Hot off-season between Canada and Northwest America «3B Meteo

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Seasonal heat in northwestern America
Seasonal heat in northwestern America

Definitely air mass Hot It was able to climb at latitude over the northwestern United States, affecting Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and North and South Dakota, and to some extent the Canadian border areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan. It attracts southern flows, due to the low barometric pressure level operating in a southwesterly direction. On the one hand, the depression system coming from Spain is similar to what is happening in Italy and at a precedent point our country finds itself under strong and light currents from the south.

Apparently This very hot call led to a rise in temperature, with the maximum locally exceeding 20 C.. Do you think the state of Montana is generally cold and snowy? A temperature of 18 செல் C was recorded at an altitude of 1500 m, And we are in early December. Penticton Airport in British Columbia, Canada recorded a high of 22.5 C on December 1. Equaled the national record Hamilton on December 3, 1982. Denver is one of the hottest in early December.

In the end, An exceptional heat for the period, But it is well known how often the weather changes in these places, especially in the heat and everything is already ready to return to average between the weekend and the start of next week. A sharp drop in temperature.

The climate is definitely very suitable for the season On the Northeastern States One between Fridays and Sundays Sudden thermal collapse.

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