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Coco the Azure leads to a very important tie. Azzurri contemplates the quarter-finals – OA Sport

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Live broadcast from Italy and Germany of RINK women’s hockey from 14.00

Thank you for staying with us throughout this live broadcast. Good continuation with OA Sport!

FINITAAAAAA! Italy-France 4-4: A very important point for Italy likely to be placed against France in Group A, behind Portugal, and avoiding Argentina and Spain in the quarter-finals.

00:18 Coco misses the free throw.

00:39 France tried hard, Italy defended itself. Ambrosio’s Counterattack: Spread, Fifteenth Fault. Free for Italy.

01:17 Coco! Italy-France 4-4: an amazing prodigy from the blue who, having brought the ball from side to side, invented a goal in turn.

01:50 Carlo Di Benedetto… Don’t go! Italy is still alive.

01:55 Error by Compagno on Di Benedetto. It’s the fifteenth: there is a free France.

2:00 put errors: Italy 14-14.

02:10 Italy is trying to overcome this obstacle.

02:52 Time is running out.

03:30 Saved the penalty kick from Bono, the goalkeeper’s leg across the far Alps.

03:35 A penalty kick for Italy! Ambrosio was hit in the area after an incredible percussion.

03:45 Gavioli pole! Italy is not so lucky at this juncture.

04:25 Janata! Keep the Azzurri alive by nullifying Carlo Di Benedetto’s chance.

04:45 Fouls position: Italy 14 – France 11.

Let’s start again

07:25 Timeout: Italy is trying to rearrange ideas.

07:49 Ambrosio Experiments! Surrounded by defense across the Alps.

09:57 Bono hypnotizes Coco, the chance of a tie fades away.

10:04 Now TENTH TEAM FOUL OF FRANCE! Free for Italy: Coco on the spot.

10:19 Pole, then on the rebound the French player makes a mistake.

10:21 Team Italy’s 10th mistake: France’s free throw. Hermann vs. gnata.

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11:49 France is trying to turn the clock by running the ball away from its penalty area.

Let’s start again.

13:38 Italy deadline.

14:00 Intense minutes, a difficult battle, but the conclusions disappear.

16:53 A chance for Ebenazar on the one hand and Bruno Di Benedetto on the other: we stay at 3-4.

17:21 Back to numerical symmetry!

17:38 The danger was somehow averted by the Italian defence.

18:00 Eighteen minutes left.

19:21 Everything happens. He waved a blue card in Coco’s face. Free for Di Benedetto: GNATA PARA again! Now the Azores have three on the track, plus gnata.

19:45 Coconut GOOOOOOOOOOOL! Winning a free throw from Coco that hit: Italy – France 3-4.

19:50 Hermann blue card! Now Italy can take advantage of the opportunity to register.

20:41 A tough moment for the Blues.

21:55 Coco tries to strike back in Italy’s favour. France, entrenched in its own region, defends itself by managing the double advantage.

23:39 Italy pinched on the defensive hole created by numerical inferiority: Carlo Di Benedetto concludes by hitting the post. Italy – France 2-4.

24:31 Malagueli blue card: Carlo Di Benedetto free throw….Gnata tells him no! Azzurri is still at -1.

The shooting begins!

We go to rest. Let’s come back later for the second half report.

The first half ends here: Italy and France 2-3. Teams up in a full fight and brawl.

01:00 Final minute before halftime: Teams stretch, potential advantage opportunities are missed.

02:30 Italy are trying to organize the final attack to find the equalizer before the end of the first half.

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04:00 Four turns of hands at break.

05:44 GIULIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COCONUT! Italy-France 2-3: Quick, shrewd, technical in picking up the ball after blocking Banks behind the goal. Match reopened

He is recovering.

06:46 France deadline.

07:34 Malagoli tries: Barbosa fades away.

08:34 Italy dances fearfully in defense, and Gnata now enjoys repeating French assaults on several occasions.

09:36 Azzurri involved in the French game: Remy Hermann scores from distance… Gnata is flawless in this circumstance. Italy – France 1-3.

10:42 the moment of the game to say less fragmentation.

12:08 Italy is third on track for the blue card that Federico Ambrosio waved in the face of the protests.

12:17 Malagoli fails to punish: Bono, taking charge, hypnotizes him. Barbosa returned to the goal of France.

12:22 A penalty for Italy for Malagoli’s mistake!

12:30 Dozen minutes into the break.

14:37 France doubled, Carlo Di Benedetto on the counter-attack: Italy-France 1-2.

14:49 Italy’s bad exit from the end of time, France’s draw comes with Qatar Roberto Di Benedetto: Italy – France 1-1.

Let’s start again.

15:11 Italy deadline.

16:00 Italy is trying to rise with strikes, and France’s defense fluctuated at a high rate after scoring the first goal in the match.

18:27 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Italy! Italy-France 1-0: Suddenly, Gavioli’s descent, made Ambrosio, who was not mistaken.

18:36 The match starts very difficult, but not very accurate.

Let’s start again. Malagoli on the field with the Azzurri national team.

Health workers enter, Ebenezar goes to the seat for treatment.

20:54 A terrible effect between Ebenazar and Carlo Di Benedetto: he’s blue on the floor and his face is bleeding.

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21:35 Ebenezar tries from a distance: surrounded by walls.

23:00 Italy attack, but France is very aggressive in defense and is trying to resume play.

Let’s go!

19.14 One minute to go!

19.10 The Five Begins
Gnata (F, C), Ebenazar, Gavioli, Ambrosio, Coco
Barbosa (B), Bruno de Benedetto (C), Roberto de Benedetto, Le Ru

19.05 Today’s match becomes essential for understanding with some places where Italy can enter the quarter-final draw.

19.00 a quarter of an hour at the start of the match.

18.55 Good evening OA Sport friends and welcome to the live broadcast from Italy and France, the third and final round of the group stage of the Hockey World Cup at the 2022 Arena

Good evening friends and friends of OA Sport and welcome to a live broadcast from Italy and France, the third and final round of the group stage of the Hockey World Cup at the 2022 Arenain progress in San Juan (Argentina).

After the tests against Chile and Argentina, Ambrosio and his comrades return to the field, having to face the “loose cannon” represented by France from the three Di Benedetto brothers.

Who will get it? The floor to the square, Piazza Aldo Cantone, the only supreme judge.

OA Sport brings you live from Italy – Chile from 7.15pm, the third match of the Azzurri in the World Hockey Championship at the 2022 Arena in San Juan (Argentina). Good fun!

Photo: FISR

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