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Spider-Man 2, Tobey Maguire fired after faking an injury

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I know Spider Man Written by Sam Raimi, it has long entered the ranks of the most famous movie star of all time, of course, also due to the amazing performance of Tobey Maguire who is remembered by many as the best film ever. Peter Parker: Not everyone knows that our cast was practically launched at the time of the Spider -Man 2.

Let’s go in order: After the success of the first chapter of the Sam Raimi trilogy, the producers took it for granted star reconfirm From Pleasantville in the title role also for the first part. What, then, is the reason for this sudden shift?

To be honest, the reasons can be found in Maguire’s behavior himself: the actor, in fact, pretended back injury To try to get compensation higher than that agreed, given the risk that he would have to run performing some stunts in less than optimal physical conditions. However, the flaw was discovered by the producers, who then decided to dispense with Tobey Maguire to run the future Mysterio for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jake Gyllenhaal.

However, Maguire decides to sprinkle his head with ashes, apologizing for the production and thus returning to the project (changing hero after the success of the first film, on the other hand, Maybe it wouldn’t help for epic success). Would you like to see Gyllenhaal as Peter Parker? Let us know in the comments! Recently, meanwhile, fans Go crazy with Spider Man 2 on Twitter.

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