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“He’ll wreak hell on your kids and in your house,” Mom sounds Hocus Pocus 2’s Halloween alarm

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hocus pocus 2The new movie Halloween Published on the broadcast platform Disney + Become a topic of discussion on the social network Twitter About a video clip that went viral in which the mother of Texas Parents warn of the dangers this could pose to me children there Vision. Jimmy Gottschfirst warn me fathers and mothers On social media then he was interviewed by a branch of Texas CBS To present his thoughts on this topic.

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What Jimmy Mom Said

“The worst case scenario is that hell breaks loose on your children and your home. The whole movie is based on the story of witches who raise children to make blood sacrifices,” the woman said as she alerted her parents.

“Don’t watch this movie,” said the Texas mother. Everyone thinks they are fake and innocent, but they can cast any kind of spell they want, anything that can enter your home through the TV screen.

Gooch explained that his family “hasn’t been to Halloween in about four or five years” due to “the idea of ​​the show [suoi] Children into the dark” hurts her. A warning to all families because according to the mother from Texas, we must be careful to expose their children to certain contents that can affect their minds.

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