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Cinema Thor Love and Thunder and Taika Waititi: Between Love and Family

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One of the most famous images of the concept of family is a picture Rome, the jewel of Alfonso Cuaron, when fear passed by the covers of the whole group in a lap on the beach that is already cinema history. However, the family is not only of blood, which arises through bonds and struggles for existence day in and day out, between misunderstandings and quarrels but full of feelings. This is the concept that It perfectly permeates the cinema of Taika WaititiYour family often makes up your mind, even if you share your DNA.

He may have needed a second Thunder God movie for Marvel Studios to get the idea, but it worked this time too (and in fact we told you about it on our site). Thor Love and Thunder review). Why Taika Waititi He always and anyway talked about family in his cinematic, and about love in a broad sense, using all his cinematic baggage to tuck it between the beats and shimmers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Family according to Taika Waititi

It’s a concept that Taika Waititi has been pursuing since his short film Two cars, one nightAlso nominated for an Oscar. This family often happens to you, it’s not yours, you find it goes under your feet and makes you fall to the ground.

Just what happens in Thor Love and Thunder, where there are fragments of bonds to be reunited, connected with love (lost or found) but also appearing at any moment which we must somehow deal with. When the meaning of the film’s subtitle is explained, it is actually the realization of the concept of family that is independent of blood but is able to go further. Thor conquers it by losing the person he was born into, but finding one, perhaps, more authentic, really for her. And that’s what all of Taika Waititi’s characters do in her movie. Lily do it in eagle vs shark, a director’s debut, as she has to confront the rambling family of the man she loves. The boy and the scientists should do it Boyin this case, yes, the biological father and son with a real family connected but unable to create an effective emotional connection. Sibling family relationship Which is instead created between vampire roommates What do we do in the shade?Which makes the extended family one of its pillars among the layers of masterful comedy.

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just as The savages are on the run, in which a married couple adopt an orphan and must, by chance, start a family from scratch between cultural clashes and misunderstandings and escape into the woods. The same battles we see in them jojo rabbitwhere a family is forcibly created in the midst of one of the greatest historical dramas of all time, which wiped out millions of families.

Love, lightning and family

even a Fantastic villain like Gore Christian Bale Born and fed on the family, he wants to exterminate a giant family (the family of the gods) because he is an orphan of his own and is unable to find another.

Indeed, because he is convinced that another family, besides the blood family, is impossible, too dry from bonds and overwhelmed by revenge. Thor also risks ending up in this whirlpoolbut through Waititi’s cinema, which is often cinema for second (and third) occasions, she has continued to create rather than destroy, like lightning used to revitalize life rather than kill it. Character development completed in love and thunderAnd take responsibility and become a beacon to the new generations, whether they are in danger or in need of a family life that was not given to them. Then Taika Waititi puts another notch into his film, made up of iconic characters, normally unable to love and build a future together, but he embraces beating, making them grow up in movies. Because what doesn’t kill you can also make you weirder, But sometimes a little less.

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