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The first match of the cup quarter-final belongs to Mastini

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Victory was inevitable and victory belonged to the Mastiffs The first leg of the quarter-finals Italian Cup final In filter. A ruling that rewards the yellow and black, although largely incomplete, could turn into a mockery.

Niklas Czarnecki's team 0-4 lead at half timeHe began managing his forces and the situation very early; Veltri then made progress, gained courage and came close to making a dramatic comeback. But when the siren sounded, it was Vanetti and his teammates who raised their arms to the sky (3-4).

Nevertheless, it is a valuable victory: Now to reach the Final Four “home” they will need one more goal (actually even an equalizer in the 60th minute is enough), but that will be achieved at the Acinque Ice Arena next Tuesday in the second leg. Meanwhile, the long journey to Veltri made it clear that even with the reduced ranks (only 15 action men on loan from Aosta) Varese can have his say against mid-sized opponents.

The hero of the evening is the very young talent Nathan Jarau, On loan from Aosta and made his debut in the yellow and black shirt. Jarau scored a powerful brace and put his name among those of Marcelo Borghi and Max Petronero, who scored the first and third goals for Mastini.

Varese led 2-0 after less than 4 minutes and scored the third goal in a quarter of an hour. Marinelli kept the score clean until the 27th minute and in the meantime the Lombard poker game had already arrived. But in the last minutes penalty They made everything more difficult, and Veltri, along with Dell'Agnol and Lysenko, came close to pulling off a coup. But he didn't finish it.

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Filter – Varese Mastini 3-4
(0:4 1:0 2:0)
Scorers: 0'47″ (HCMV) M. Borghi (China), 3'50″ (HCMV) Jarau (M. borghi), 15'52″ (HCMV) Petronero (Magul) PP1, 18'25″ (HCMV) Garau (M. borghi), 27'46″ ( HCF) Lysenko (Nemenko, Fantinel), 56'41″ (HCF) L dal Añol (Nemenko) PP2, 58'40″ (HCF) Lysenko (Nemenko, Blaha) ) p1

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