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Child K: “I know what it means to fight for space. Everyone has the right to love everyone.”

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The party after the procession. On Saturday at 6pm at the Arco della Pace, some of the most famous pop stars in Italian music will take to stage from the final concert of Milano Pride to claim rights and protection for the benefit of the LGBTQIA+ world. Among the expected names, there is also the name of Baby K, who has already participated in the 2019 event: “I remember an amazing crowd. This time, if possible, it would be even more exciting. Arco della Pace has a noticeable effect” .

What does it mean to you to sing at Milan Pride?
“I am connected to this community, I have always felt like a fish out of water, I know what it means to fight for a space of freedom for self-expression. For me, it is an honor to be here, it is important to emphasize that everyone has the right to be He loves whomever he wants, without this having negative repercussions on work or in everyday life. Many steps have been taken forward in terms of equality, acceptance and recognition.”

Is pop becoming more inclusive?
“Over the years I’ve seen a stylistic renewal in Italian music, there’s been a courage to do something different, even in the lyrics. There are new nuances and new creative styles, playing on their sexuality: maybe we listen to men using the words on themselves. Which were using So far only in the female domain. Real evolutionary change occurs when we start from a behavior and reach a shift in language.”

Could music play a role in this sense?
“The world probably won’t change anymore, as it could have done in the ’60s, but it can still change people, their vision, the way they communicate. They are useful little templates for building something different and better.”

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She hinted that she struggled with her life. What was he referring to?
“I’ve always dealt with labels I don’t want. When I was rapping, there were those who claimed I didn’t write my lyrics: it was a ridiculous said just because I’m a woman. Then came my pop music and according to some people, my success was only explained by By appearing with famous singers. So I started making songs without guests and I was equally successful, but it didn’t help free me from stereotypes.”

How do you explain that?
“It’s as if a woman can’t be several things at the same time. It’s not that if you have a color picture you can’t have the minimal cultural setup. When Francesco Bianconi shot a cover for Playa, the piano and the beat were slower Enough to give the track depth as it already was. If the song is beautiful, it is beautiful in all respects. Francesco knew it, and he is a great artist.”

In the meantime, “Bolero” was released.
“A song that isn’t meant to be an instant hit. Yes, despite his busy schedule,” Mika, who sings with me, immediately said. He has the ability to create something wonderful and unexpected. Then I have to say that in the studio to them we are interested, even obsessed with details. “.

Will he sing “Bolero” on Arco Della Pace?
“Yeah, and it’s probably a very important cover too. I’ve never sung other people’s songs. I have a little bit of performance anxiety, but I know I’ll have fun in the end.”

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