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“We don’t have the medicine to treat them.”

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Winter stops progress put it in in Ukraine. The Soldiers The Russians mustered in an area Sverdlovsk They are fed up Corona virus disease. Exactly the forces present in the training area Elansky Training Area, 129 km from Yekaterinburg: on the eastern side of the Ural Mountains. Here there will be a mass infection, an epidemic that doctors will not be able to stop due to a lack of equipment and medicines. This was reported by the independent Russian news agency Sota. Why does the virus spread so quickly? This may be due to the overcrowding and unsanitary conditions where the army is stationed.

Putin, a new private army to protect prisons. 007 Ukrainians: “Militia Against the Wagner Group’s Monopoly”

Russian soldiers sick with Covid Complain: “Missing medicines”

“Local doctors do not have the minimum necessary equipment and patients are not provided with medicines,” he continues. reports on Telegram SOTA. How are they dealt with then? The volunteers collect medications from an extensive list, which includes not only the usual cold remedies (such as nose drops and throat lozenges) but also analgin, amoxicillin, drotaverine (NO-SPA), and lidocaine. Doctors also ask to buy the narrow endoscopes they need. The SOTA report shows that the men mobilized lived in very crowded conditions, apparently in some kind of gym: which likely contributed to the spread of disease.

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This isn’t the first time Elanskii’s health problems have been reported. In October and November, an epidemic of lice is reported among the mobilization. As one soldier said: “Lice are eating me, I am exhausted. Everyone walks around itching all the time. There are not enough washing facilities because the military camp was not designed for such a large number of people.”

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