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Digital Day at the Football Museum

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April 1st will be the day dedicated to digital at the Football Museum. It begins with a conference and continues with the debut of the National Digital Team of Telecom who will challenge the Italian National Parliamentarians in a friendly match at the Coverciano Technical Center.

The initiative, created to spread the importance of digital, is organized by the PA Social and Italia Digitale Foundation with the support of the Football Museum.

“Football Museum – The President of the Football Museum Foundation, Matteo Marani – announces that we are delighted to host this event promoted by the digital world. Our museum has an increasingly digital mission, and is open to new languages ​​and a holistic vision. Even the history of football, for which this place is one of the most representative points, looks to new forms of communication to reach, in particular, the new generations. ”

The team that will take over the field on April 1 from 3.30pm was created by the PA Social Association and the Italia Digitale Foundation. The training will see reporters, journalists and digitalists from all over Italy, the Coverciano Football Museum team and see the participation of former athletes and personalities from the world of sports, journalism and entertainment including Cristiana Capotondi, Alia Guani, Simone Pepe and Zee. Maria, Andrea Pinacioli, Leonardo Imbrato, and Massimo Capello.

The day dedicated to digitization begins in the morning (10 am) with an in-depth conference on digitization titled “Which Unit for the Digital Revolution?” And in the afternoon (3.30 pm) the friendly match between the Italian Digital Communication Team and the Italian National Parliamentarians.

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“We would like to thank FIGC and the Coverciano Football Museum for their willingness to host our first outing – announced PA Social President, Francesco de Costanzo – which supports raising awareness of digital issues. In fact, all the initiatives of the digital national team will see the sports side be surrounded by in-depth work, research, publication and awareness of the digital world and the many opportunities for citizens.”

The conference and friendly competition will be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitch of PA Social.

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