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Finally, incentives for low-pollution cars

Finally, incentives for low-pollution cars

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On Monday, May 16, new incentives to buy electric cars or cars with low emissions will come into effect, a measure that has been waiting for weeks and has suffered several delays. It is expected to be published on Official Gazette From tomorrow, as they did confirmed tohandle Some sources from the Ministry of Economic Development: Merchants will be able to start with reservations, which can then be indicated on a dedicated platform starting May 25. So the sales contracts signed as of Monday, May 16th will be valid, but will be charged at a later time.

The incentive decree was signed by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi on April 6, but it took more than a month to get everything ready, with protests from dealers who were waiting to organize sales for 2022. In April, shipments of new cars fell by about one in third Compared to the same month of the previous year, this was also due to the raw materials crisis that led to several slowdowns in production.

The government allocated 650 million euros to the initiative annually from 2022 to 2024, with incentives ranging between two thousand and five thousand euros, according to the models, types and quantities of pollutants produced with their use.

Three bands have been established based on carbon dioxide (CO .) emissions2), one of the most important greenhouse gases responsible for Climate change (Made largely by human activities): Electric, hybrid, and low-consumption petrol/diesel vehicles.

The most consistent incentives are reserved for the purchase of all-electric cars (emission range 0-20gCO2).2 per kilometer), the purchase price is less than 35 thousand euros excluding VAT. The incentive in this case is 3 thousand euros, another two thousand euros can be added in the case of scrapping a vehicle with an engine less than 5 euros.

For Hybrid Vehicles (emission range 21-60gCO22 per kilometer) and at a price of up to 45 thousand euros excluding VAT, an incentive of two thousand euros can be obtained, to which an additional two thousand are added in the event of the car being canceled.

Gasoline / Diesel
Finally, there are also incentives to buy cars with petrol/diesel engines as long as their emissions are in the range of 61-135 grams of CO2.2 per kilometer Some types of hybrid cars also fall into this category. The incentive is provided for vehicles that cost no more than 35,000 euros excluding VAT and provides a discount of 2,000 euros but only if another vehicle is scrapped.

Motorcycles and scooters
The incentives also apply to motorcycles, electric scooters and hybrids. In this case, a contribution of 30 percent of the purchase price is envisaged, up to a maximum of 3 thousand euros; The incentive rises to 40 per cent in the event of canceling an equivalent vehicle in denominations between €0 and €3. For motorcycles and scooters with normal and new thermal engines, the seller offers a discount of 5 percent, an incentive equal to 40 percent of the purchase price and up to 2,500 euros with scrap.

commercial vehicles
The new incentives are for individuals, although there are some exceptions, for example for car-sharing companies to renew their fleet making it less polluting. However, the government expected some incentives Even for commercial vehicles provided they are fully electric.


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