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Batman, Officially Confirmed Role of Barry Keoghan: Fans Are Going Crazy!

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The Batman story will be the original Of all the villains that will appear in the course of the story, but around the movie Matt Reeves A mystery called Barry Keoghan.

Star eternity And Dunkirk Actually it was Join the cast Batman in 2020when he was announced in the unspecified role of “Gotham City Apprentice Cop”: Over the months, however, the lack of detail about this character has led fans to believe he could be a red herring put into hiding by production. The real role of Barry Keoghanwho has been the number one suspect since then The new joker part.

right Now, New official document of Batman appeared onlinedestined to make a fuss: As you can see at the bottom of the article, in fact, the document represents a list of the film’s cast with Robert Pattinson, and indicates that Barry Keoghan plays the unknown ‘Prisoner Arkham’, a radical change from Gotham Cop. But that’s not all: the document also lists crew members, and makeup artist Mike Marino is referred to as Penguin’s prosthetic designer and the unknown prisoner of Arkham: We already know that Colin Farrell will literally be transformed into Oswald Coppelbutt with both face and body prosthetics, but Martino’s art was also essential to Barry Keoghan’s character would immediately make us think For a face transplant…maybe for scars? Moreover, in recent days, it could have been leaked online Picture of Barry Keoghan as Joker in Batman moviethe image that represented the actor just like a prisoner of Arkham: the dots seem to be slowly gathering.

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Finally, from the list we note that Barry Keoghan’s character is the only one who doesn’t have a name: Even the most mysterious characters, such as Carla and Anika, are denoted with a certain transparency, which is why It further highlights the desire to keep the actor’s role a secret.

Do you think the Joker will really appear in the new movie from the saga? Tell us in the comments. Batmanremember, it will be released in Italy from March 3.

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