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Spezia Roma, Zaniolo shows signs of football Maggiore: “The important thing was the three points…”

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To determine Spezia – Roma (0-1), the ball seemed to not want to enter it was Tammy Abraham penalty kick, in the 99th minute. But also Niccolo Zaniolo He was crucial to the success of the Giallorossi. It was he who took the decisive error with great courage, with that head-stopping in the corner that cost him a kick in the forehead by Maggiore and a very visible wound between the eyes at the level of the eyebrows. Thus, after Abraham’s goal and Spezia’s lively protests, the player wanted to clear the field of doubts and controversies by displaying a photo on his Instagram profile. A wound in the front and swelling in the right eye. Without missing a bit of sarcasm, with the accompanying caption: “The important thing was the three points.

Abraham: “I don’t know what happened today. I love Rome”

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To score the heavy penalty kick in the 99th minute, which came after a match in which Roma missed an unexpected number of goals and the ball seemed not to really want to go in, was Tammy Abraham. who, at some point after the match, commented on the evening’s wonderful climax: “I still can’t find the words. I don’t know what happened. We tried in every way to score but didn’t succeed: the goal looked damned. We knew this match was going to be important and difficult. It was like that, but the important thing was to get the win and the three points for the fans and for us “and then thanks to his captain:”Thank Pellegrini Because it took the pressure off me. Yesterday we decided that I would be a penalty shootout officer. Kiss me and give me good luck. Finally, Ibrahim spent words of love for his team and his city:Rome is my home: I fell in love with this city. I do everything for the club, my teammates and the fans. I work for the success of Rome. We hope to continue like this.”

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