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Cashback, two more months to take advantage of: consumers are going crazy

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Cashback, two more months to take advantage of: Consumers are going crazy. The initiative was liked, which is why it was renewed again

All you need is to believe in it, and to believe that the sacrifices the Italians have made in recent months can make sense. And it does not matter if the initiative is rejected by the government, because there are still those who believe strongly Cashback.

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And so 2022 began with excellent news for Italian consumers, at least those who own one Postpaid card, one of the most widely used products in Italy. Because the cashback that has been promoted in recent months that was supposed to end right after Christmas has already been extended and will continue. How long? For now at least until March 31, but it’s not certain the extension will be moved further.

So what changes with Postepay Cashback? Nothing at all because conditions remain the same. So customers They will be able to get refunds on all purchases made at points of sale that accept payments with a Postepay card, any model.

Cashback, two more months to take advantage of: this is how much he pays consumers

If you are wondering how much Postepay cashback is, it is easy to determine. Each payment of €10 or greater allows for a refund of €1. And all customers will be able to accumulate Up to 10 euros per day To be placed on their account to reimburse part of the expenses.

To participate, customers just need to download the official Postepay app from the Android Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store. On the other hand, at the time of each purchase, to register the payment, they will have to go through the QR code in the app. Customers participating in the program will receive a credit for purchases in all Poste Italiane partner stores in Italy.

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The program will be valid for all holders of a regular reloadable Postepay card, valid for those who have a card in its standard version and for those who have an Evolution card with IBAN code.

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