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The war in Ukraine, the Russian army sends stolen goods and objects to Kyiv from an office in Belarus: surveillance video footage

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Scooters, alcohol bottles, appliances, technological objects, gadgets, car batteries, and air conditioner items. It is a war “spoils” for a group of Russian soldiers who are protagonists from a video recorded by the surveillance cameras of a shipping office. mzyrat Belarus. Almost three and a half hours of video (we’re posting a 3-minute excerpt), he writes RepublicAnalyzed and Verified by A group of Belarusian volunteers in Project Hagun. The photos date back to April 2, a few days after the withdrawal of Moscow’s military forces from the Kyiv region. The soldiers crossed the border and reached Belarus. From here, using the file Russian courier CdekThey start packing and shipping Goods and things of various kinds were stolen in the previous days from Ukrainian homes and shops. It is not the only testimony to the looting of Russian troops. In recent days, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has spoken about a real bazaar It was set up by the Russian occupiers in Naro, Belarus, where household appliances, jewelry, and even paintings could be purchased. According to what was announced, the trade in stolen goods from Ukrainians is well organized: from the northeastern city of Sumy, trucks with stolen items leave and end up in Mazir, Belarus, where they are stored and then sold in Naro. Courier shipments, as the video also documents, were used for most of the bulky items. The looting affected mainly the Kyiv region. In some interceptions, the Russian military has identified itself as “lucky”, precisely because A large amount of stolen items.

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