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Borsa Italiana, suspended session of December 30, 2022

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FTSEMib fell 1.45%. A decidedly negative closing for Telecom Italia TIM. Sales also on banking securities and on Enel

The main indices of the Italiana Stock Exchange and the main European financial centres They closed in the negative zone Last session in 2022, with Discounts of more than 1 percentage point.

the FTSEMib It suffered a decline of 1.45% to 23,707 points, after fluctuating between 23,702 points as a minimum and 23,956 points as a maximum. In the whole of 2022, the main Italian stock index fell by 13.3%. the FTSE Italia All Share recorded a decline of 1.4%. minus sign also for Medium hat from FTSE Italia (-1.07%) and for Star of FTSE Italy (-0.87%), in 2022 as a whole, the two indicators lost 21% and 28.3%, respectively. In the December 30, 2022 session, the value of trades fell to 870.12 million euros, compared to 1.06 billion on Thursday.

the Bitcoins It is confirmed at $16,500 (about 15,500 euros).

the BTP-Bund spread It widened past 210 pips, with the 10-year BTP yield approaching 4.7%.

L’euro It consolidated above $1.065.

Definitely a negative close of Telecom Italia TIMwhich scored the worst performer of the day on the FTSEMib index. Telephone company address lost 3.78% At a price of 0.2163 euros. Major newspapers reported that no solution had been found for the future of the company’s network infrastructure. Accordingly, talks between the parties concerned will resume in January.

Sales also on banking stocks.

Bank Paper It fell 1.13% to 1.9185 euros. The bank and Banco di Sardegna reported that they had signed the Transfer Instruments a Nixie (-2.31%) of the concerned company’s subsidiaries in connection with commercial acquisition activities and POS management. The transaction will enter into force from December 31, 2022. The long-term strategic partnership agreement with Nexi will be launched from January 1, 2023 in Get the merchant.

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it is in (-1.39% to €5.03) was in line with the trend of the FTSEMib index. The electric giant announced that its subsidiary Enel Brasil has completed the sale of a 99.9% stake in Enel Goiás for approximately R$8.5 billion (equivalent to approximately $1.6 billion), subject to post-closing price adjustment. Enel reported that the transaction had a positive impact on the Group’s net debt of approximately €1.5 billion, as well as a negative impact on reported net income of approximately €850 million, of which €693 million had already been accounted for in the interim management report of September 30, 2022. The economic impact will not be No effect on normal results.

Among the facilities, discounts hump (-2.41%) and trinity (-2.6%).

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