June 2, 2023

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A space for fairy tales with shows “Quattro Volte Andersen” and “Read? But please” Events in Ravenna

The Families and Schools Theater Season Parade, aimed at a young audience, continues. Sunday November 20 – the date coinciding with the International Day of Children’s Rights – at 16:00, and Monday November 21, at 10:00, at the Socjale Theater in Piangipane, four-time show Andersen, from the company Drammatico Vegetale, with Pietro Fenati, Elvira Mascanzoni. Inspired by the famous author of the fairy tale tradition, a performance will be staged where a small theater of seemingly insignificant objects becomes a microcosm of the joys and fears through which one can identify oneself.

The next appointment, the last scheduled date for November, will be with the Reading Show? But please! Like a novel from Calvino to Benac, scheduled for release at 10:00 on the 24th at the Socgil Theater by and with Giorgio Scaramuzino, produced by Giorgio Scaramuzino – Teatro Evento. The show allows you to rediscover the imaginative power of reading through dialogue made of play and irony. The show is a close encounter that directly involves the audience, a theatrical device that re-launches the fun of diving into the book.

Four times Andersen is recommended from the age of 3. Duration 40 minutes. light? But please! Alternatively, a 9-year-old is recommended. Duration 65 minutes.

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