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Carroccio6, the new exhibition space in the heart of Milan

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Carroccio 6 Is it new Exhibition and multifunctional space It has an area of ​​280 square meters built in the heart of Milan, which recently opened its doors to the public to show its versatility furnishing solutions With products and design collections from the brands Fiora, Flair Showers and Felli.Discover design in the Carroccio6 exhibition space

It’s one Contemporary style spaceand within it Design meets art To express suggestive feelings.

“Carroccio6, with an area of ​​approximately 300 square meters spread over two levels and a mezzanine, will not be a space for selling products, but primarily a service and support center for retailers and architects. The integration of existing companies provides visitors with a complete idea of ​​what the outcome of their project will be in the bathroom and outbuilding. “ tell us Ricardo Camponovo, Carroccio6 space manager.

“The idea is to host different types of events, such as seminars for architects with training credits, design competitions and photography exhibitions.” We are convinced that this place will become a reference point for all design lovers in Milan.”

Design Branding Inside Carroccio6

The exhibition space is full Furniture solutions developed by well-known design brands To meet all architectural and stylistic needs.Dedicated gallery space for Philly

We start from Spanish FioraFrom which a passion for bathroom furniture made of innovative materials, textures and colors springs up, it is carried over to Ireland Bathing tastewhich showcases high quality shower enclosures, which arrived, later, in Italian style phillywith its outdoor solutions in perfect harmony between nature and technology.

All these types of designs hug each other thanks to the contribution TEC & DeA dynamic and historical representation agency in the fields of bathroom furniture, flooring, walls and Carroccio6 gallery space creator.

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Installation on the -1 . floor

The exhibition space on the underground level of Carroccio6 gives way to design and technologycreative wash basin iconone of the many comprehensive bathroom solutions from Fiora in Silexpol®Resistant material, ideal for wet surfaces and humid environments.Iconic Icon Basin from Fiora

It is also possible to enjoy furniture fittings, bathtubs, radiators and furniture accessories available in many exclusive textures and colors and shower area Dedicated to bathing flair show Foldable solutions and safety glass cabin 8 and 10mm, the perfect synthesis of quality, technology and versatility.

The setting is on the ground floor

However, in the room on the ground floor, the Felli family of products is on display, Wall coverings, sunshades, decking and many other outdoor application solutions The aesthetic and sensual qualities of wood combine with the performance of polymers in unparalleled chemistry.

A word for design brands

“Carroccio6”explain Jordi Centinero, Fiora Sales Director in ItalyAnd “It was inspired to be an integral part of a space with complementing partners, envisioned as a home where architects and the public can be invited to live a new and stimulating experience. in Fiora We support the Italian market with strength and enthusiasm and take pride in our ability to showcase our product catalog where design and attention to detail make the difference. In addition, we produce sustainable shower trays that are stronger and lighter (30% to 50%) than traditional ones. “Fiora and Flair دش Shower

Yulia Mihaela Kuchur, Head of Export Sales Area Italy for Bath Flairtell us that “The Irish company strongly believes in the Italian market, and the opening of a corporate showroom in the heart of Milan, Design City is one of the key steps in the Flair Showers’ strategy to position itself in the Italian market. The Carroccio6 showroom will be a place where ideas will become a reality, thanks to the synergies that arise from the unique and complementary characteristics of each partner company, such as Fiora. But also thanks to the offering of quality shower solutions that have never existed before and are designed to last a lifetime.”

Alessia Cestaro, Marketing Director of Fellitell us that “The Verona-based company decided to take part in this initiative in the Milan region, in order to create new opportunities and integrate existing ones, making diversified furnishing solutions concentrated in one space available to operators in the sector and the public, almost entering a real project signed by Felli. Moreover Therefore, the combination of Milan – TEC & De ensures that there is an important support in order to properly confront the world of architecture and design of which the Lombard capital is a concrete expression.”

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