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Science, a scientist creates a movie-inspired suit

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One world I decided to recreate the suit from the movie Sand dunesWhich he was capable of Sweat recycling Produced by the wearer to produce drinking water; This type of experiment was conducted by a group of engineers from the YouTube channel.”Hacksmith“Who tried to create a prototype of the suit. Using simple techniques they managed to do so Convert sweat into water Which can be drunk safely.

Experiments like this help us understand how to do this The fate of our way of life is changing Because if our planet became completely barren, we would have technologies available that would allow us to survive even in a hotter climate. Thanks to this project, engineers demonstrated the invention shown in the film It’s not exactly science fiction But simply science and a little study. The main goal was to prove one thing It seems impossible They can also be made using tools available to everyone.

Science is a suit that turns sweat into drinkable water

The suit created by the group of scientists is based on simple physics rules and only a few elements were needed to create it. Inserted into suit A Thermoelectric device Which cools the areas with which it comes into contact thanks to the electrical charge that is passed through two types of metals. The cold side in contact with the suit acts as a Dehumidifier Attract moisture that turns into water It is filtered Through a commercial filter and drunk from a special container. Obviously, this invention cannot be used In areas with high temperatures like ArrakisBut in any case, the film takes place 20,000 years in the future, so there will be technologies capable of creating a functional suit in that period.

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Science has been taking risks in recent years In fields that have never been explored Always discovering new inventions; As the years pass, new methods and technologies will be increasingly needed to meet the continuing demand for… Functional and resistant elements.

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