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Carlo Verdoni, admission affects everyone: it was a “first”

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Carlo Verdoni decided to strip naked and confess a very personal detail: here’s the first “first” that made the actor fall in love.

success Rome At Feyenoord the Gelorussi were allowed to do so Mourinho To reach the semi-finals of the Europa League, where he will face Bayer Leverkusen Hoping to win a second consecutive European final after last year’s victory in Tirana over the Dutch in the Conference League.

Carlo Verdoni reveals everything about his “first” – ANSA image –

A 4-1 win against Feyenoord will surely make many Romanian players happy, including Charles Verdon, a big fan of “Magic”. However, among the passions of the famous Italian actor is not only Rome and football. Die-hard Verdone fans are well aware that the 72-year-old is too Passionate about engines and sports cars. It is certainly no coincidence that some of the history-making cars appeared in his most famous films.

Carlo Verdone has always chosen the cars to be used in the movies based on the characteristics of the characters who were supposed to drive them. just to give an example, Nice enzo forced bag He could not drive more than one Fiat Dino Complete with red arrows on the sides, while for Mimmo di Bianco, Rosso and Verdone the Fiat 1500 in which he travels to Rome with his grandmother (played by Sora Lella, ed.) is really perfect.

Carlo Verdoni’s first love: the famous actor confesses

But which car made Carlo Verdone fall in love for the first time? What is the car that stole his heart before others? It is always the famous actor who reveals these delicious details in various interviews. His first car was actually a white Fiat 127: the actor managed to buy it thanks to the money he earned on his first cabaret evenings. “I was very fond of him – Verdon said – It was the first beautiful, by design, old Fiat“.

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The Fiat 127 was Carlo Verdoni’s first car – ANSA photo –

In an interview with the Turin newspaper La Stampa, Carlo Verdoni then revealed that A.S backstory Which belongs to a lot of nice things and his old Fiat 127. The fact that Enzo wants to go to Poland Pick up polish girls On board the Fiat Dino is by no means accidental.

I already made a trip to Poland, in 1974, even the old city of Wroclaw, but with my old 127 Verdoni confessed. Standing there I saw the whole package of Italian vulgarity: there was indeed a Dino with a Viterbo license plate with such insolent characters that I could not, even with my best interpretation, come up with it in terms of vulgarity. But they were fun“.

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