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Casal football ambitious but without ads and the arrival of another technical sponsor

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country house Monferrato. Il Casale begins to think about his future, without being able to forget his past. Once the sunburn has cleared up for a season that is still positive but closed without certain flashes that can fuel dreams of a hypothetical and unexpected recurrence, it is time for Nerostellati to lay the foundations for a tomorrow that could prove to be much quieter than what was just seen in the tournament.

The spring ride that relaunched Monferrato towards the top regions of the ratings after an exciting winter has partially overlooked the unfortunate economic and financial dynamics that marked the first year under the Santo Stefano tower of President Simone Servetti. Having arrived at Palli a year ago with the stated goal of Serie B, the Torino broker hit the strength of a D but, above all, with the costs that such a class brings. Especially if you play with the highest goals, just like what happened to the nerostellati colours. Disagreements with the members, albeit with unpleasant delays, must also be resolved favorably because, precisely from those, okfederals will be passed to sign up for next season. On the other hand, invoices for suppliers who have been waiting for months to receive receivables, are still somewhat baffling. It seems no coincidence, in fact, that Casale’s next shirts won’t be Erreà-branded, despite a multi-year contract the owner signed at the time of their founding with a store in Vercelli. The burden and honor of sewing a star on the fund of Monferrato players should fall on the shoulders of the Campania brand Givova, with whom the first contacts began in order to provide technical materials in the light of the summer inverse.

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Oddly enough, even JB Monferrato, the die-hard Casalese basketball team in Serie A2, could boast the same designer rossoblù colors, according to insiders. The form but also the substance because the strongest doesn’t always win on the field, let alone the prettiest. Sporting director Marco Rizzeri hinted, in recent weeks, that the goals will remain at the top, without falling into a statement that it may backfire during the current season, if the results are slow to arrive as it did only a few months ago. In that sense, however, rumors that Mallory Martin’s future away from the all-black star are bewildering: Captain of the first season of Turin’s new stadium, the 8th-ranked Frenchman has proven himself a top-tier player, despite an injury that kept him off the fields. For his part, not ignoring the social clues that confirm the midfielder’s love for the city and encouragement, the former Palermo and Middlesbrough made it clear that continuing to wear the armband, especially in Bali, would be a cause of joy for him.

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