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Whatsapp, the new function drives motorists crazy: you will no longer be able to do without it

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WhatsApp is becoming indispensable every day, the new functionality of the Meta app is driving all motorists crazy.

In recent months, Meta has undergone a profound revolution The WhatsAppincluding new features for core conversations, new features for the app aimed at all users, and it’s also testing new uses for the app.

The biggest novelty that has been introduced in recent weeks is certainly the possibility of creating communities, these are real large groups in which groups that already exist can be inserted. You may be wondering what is the purpose of using this function, well, it is easy to be able to manage connections faster. By writing a message as a community admin, it will be automatically sent to all groups within the community.

Dense car park where WhatsApp can help you find the car –

These are just the main new features, as group sizes have recently been expanded and can now hold up to 1024 participantsThe file size that can be shared in chats has also been increased up to 2GB. This possibility should not be underestimated, since it allows you to send higher quality and not necessarily compressed files, polls have also been added, a great function to play with friends, but also useful to understand – for example – what to do on New Year’s Eve within A group of friends by quickly collecting preferences.

WhatsApp will allow you to talk to yourself

New feature in WhatsApp
The new WhatsApp feature can help you find the car –

However, among the new jobs, the one that caught everyone’s attention The person who allows you to write to yourself. This is a feature found in other instant messaging apps that may seem useless to some, but it can actually be very useful.

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In fact, in the private chat (which is actually a kind of notepad) it is possible to write down the obligations of the day, the reminder related to an important event or a file that you need to send to that contact and have not been able to do so. Sending the day before, a message or a link that you liked or want to share with someone but the moment you see it you can’t send it etc.

A private chat will also help you find your car

Then there is the possibility that this function can help you find your car. It must have happened to you on more than one occasion that you parked your car and couldn’t find it. The most likely context for this missing car search is Car park in the shopping center. Indeed, in such sprawling places you sometimes have to do 4 or even 5 laps before you find the place, and when you find it, you think only of the convenience of finally getting out of the car.

WhatsApp helps you find your car
WhatsApp helps you find your car –

The problem arises when you’re done shopping and after spending hours in the middle of a hellish hole you have to get your car back. All parking lots in these places are the same, and if you haven’t paid attention to your letter and sector number, you may have to search endlessly.

This is it The new WhatsApp function is working to help you. To avoid problems, in fact, you can send the location of the car in the private chat with yourself just before you get off. Once you leave, just open the site, follow the directions to find your car, and go home to get some rest.

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