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A dog has died of bird flu, the first case in Canada. Call with caution

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A dog has died due to bird flu virus. It happened in Oshawa, a Canadian city south of Lake Ontario. It was announced by Public Health: it tested positive for the pathogen on April 1 and is the only case of its kind in Canada. He got infected by chewing on a wild goose. He died after developing symptoms, the agencies said.

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The news comes after several parts of southern Ontario have reported confirmed and suspected cases of bird flu in recent weeks. Toronto Animal Services confirmed to CBC News that there are confirmed cases in the Greater Toronto Area. The City of Mississauga reported the confirmed cases in a press release, urging residents to remain vigilant.

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A post-mortem examination of the dog “showed involvement of the respiratory tract”, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Cfia) reported, adding that “further tests are ongoing”, noting: “The number of documented cases of H5N1 avian influenza in avian diseases such as dogs and cats is low, and the virus is a recent outbreak. Despite the large number of global bird outbreaks over the years, the report says, “Based on current evidence in Canada, the risk to the general public is low, and scientific evidence suggests that the risk of catching avian influenza from current animals is low.”

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Bird flu has never been transmitted from a pet to humans in Canada. The agencies also said there is no human-to-human transmission. “However, pet owners are encouraged to take appropriate precautions to protect themselves,” they said, advising animals to avoid feeding raw game or poultry and to prevent pets from playing with or eating dead birds.

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Public Health Canada, along with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Cfia), says it is “closely” monitoring bird flu activity in Canada. In March, the Toronto Zoo closed its aviary as a precaution after the virus was discovered at a commercial chicken farm in southern Ontario. According to the federal government, the first detections of bird flu in animals in Canada were in foxes in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, and in seals, dolphins and black bears in Quebec in July 2022.

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“Avian flu is an infectious viral disease that is deadly to wild birds and mammals. It can quickly devastate bird and wildlife populations, with profound impacts on our ecosystem and food chain,” said Mississauga Animal Services Manager Jay Smith. Report – We have received several calls from residents about sick, dying or dead birds and are working with Peel Public Health and the Canadian Wildlife Health Partnership to assess the risks. With many birds returning to Ontario for spring migration, our investigation and response will continue.” “Even though the risk of influenza to humans is low, people should still be cautious and avoid approaching or handling wild birds or other wildlife,” said Smith. “Other wild animals are also susceptible to the flu. , so remember your distanceā€.

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