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Car tax, spending drops to zero with these vehicles: Say goodbye to annoying tax

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The auto tax is one of those much discussed and often considered outdated taxes. It is also called car ownership tax, as the word itself implies, it is always and in any case paid for simple ownership of the car. This applies to cars, vans, quads, and motorcycles from 50cc and up. But you don’t always pay for it. There are actually compounds that are exempt for various and natural reasons. Let’s see the cases together.

The car tax In Italy, it must be paid within 30 days of purchasing a new car. However, not only the month of purchase is correct, in fact you can pay the car tax even within the month following registration. More specifically, when the vehicle was registered in the last 10 days of the month. This is a regional tax All are Italian. But how does it work in other countries? In the United States, for example, it does not exist, which is why some people own dozens of cars: just don’t let them move and there’s no expense, and you can choose which one to use if necessary. In fact, there you can transfer the license plate from one vehicle to another.

In Italy there are many exemptions for stamp duties. there Two major classes in Italy That does not require the payment of vehicle ownership tax.

Although it is a regional tax, there is actually a law of national importance regulating the exemption from paying stamp. The first case in which an exemption is envisaged is for the holders of Law 104.

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The car tax actually falls in cases Disability exemption, but only in certain circumstances. It certainly includes people with psychological disabilities who carry accompanying allowances. Thus the vehicle used to transport them can be exempted from paying road tax, even if it is not owned by them, and even if, for various reasons, they cannot drive their own car that they legally own. Obviously a voucher must be applied and documents required by CdS must always be brought.

The second case of Stamp duty exemption It pertains to the vehicle itself. In this large class we can distinguish two main ramifications: Non-polluting electric vehicles, vintage or historical vehicles.

But How does this legislation work in other European countries?

Where to pay road tax in Europe? Here’s how it works in France

In France, road tax is not expected to be paid to individuals in some cases, or only if the vehicle produces more than 190 g/km of CO2. This fact causes the road tax to automatically become an exclusive tax for polluting vehicles, and also acts as an incentive to buy green vehicles. Practically speaking, if you don’t want to pay €160 per year (that’s the flat fee to pay), buy a car that pollutes less and work for your pockets and the entire ecosystem.

Car stamp in France

To get an idea of ​​the impact of the road tax in France, just consider that the turnover of car tax in Italy is 6.1 billion, a figure in the stratosphere. While in France only 997,000. But there are important differences: while in Italy everyone pays without discrimination, in our country the amount also varies based on Kw, and not based on the effect of carbon dioxide.

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In France the tax is fixed but it is enough to change the car not to pay, while in Italy at the moment there is no escape …

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