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Car incentives 2022, you can order a discount of up to 7,500 euros: don’t miss it

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The Ministry of Economic Development can introduce a new incentive to purchase certain cars in the upcoming “bis assistance” decree. What incentives are we talking about? Here are all the details on this topic of general interest!

Car Incentives 2022 –

MISE, that is, the Ministry of Economic Development, is considering new measures to facilitate the purchase of certain car models. In fact, some New incentives can be introduced in the next Bis Assistance decree! What are the incentives? What car models are affected by state aid? Who will be able to use it?

Everything is still in the realm of assumptions, but Many authoritative voices confirm how these incentives can help buy some cars that are reserved for a certain segment of the population, that is, those with low incomes. But what is this?

The 2022 car incentives that can be implemented in the new decree relate to the purchase of electric cars and those or plug-in hybrid cars. Incentives to buy these cars were already activated two months ago in the previous decree, but everything is going very slowly. Electric cars still cost a lot and not everyone is convinced of the actual benefits of these cars at this particular historical moment.

These new incentives for a specific segment of the population should be aimed at accelerating the use of government funds for the purchase of electric and hybrid cars! Let’s see what these new incentives will be!

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Electric and Hybrid Cars Incentives 2022: Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

The new incentives to buy electric and hybrid cars can only and exclusively be “exploited” by those whose annual income is less than 30 thousand euros. On the other hand, those with higher incomes will be able to continue to benefit from previous incentives. The incentive to buy an electric car today is 3,000 euros without a car and 5,000 euros for scrap. For a hybrid car, on the other hand, the incentive is 2,000 euros without the car and 4,000 euros for scrapping.

Potential New Incentives to Buy Electric or Hybrid Cars: Who Can Benefit from Them? – Engines

New incentives that may be approved soon, however, will see a further increase of 50% for population groups whose income is – as mentioned – less than 30 thousand euros! practically, To buy an electric car with scrapping another car, it will be possible to get an incentive of 7000 and 500 euros. On the other hand, the contribution to the purchase without scrapping will rise to 4000 and 500 euros.

As for hybrid cars, the contribution will be 6 thousand euros or 3 thousand euros, respectively, with or without scraping the car!

The money allocated by the government that has not yet been used to purchase electric cars is still very high. Thus, this novelty will not be at any cost at all. Nothing has been decided yet, but it is very likely that these new measures will be implemented in the near future. An opportunity, then, not to be missed!

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