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Are there problems in the Star Wars movie with Daisy Ridley “because” of Peaky Blinders? Lucasfilm denies this Cinema

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How long Disney He bought Lucasfilm The process has begun to relaunch the epic star WarsThe public has become accustomed to gods Great emotional fluctuationsBetween films that were announced and then cancelled, feature films that disappeared from the radar and then reappeared in the form of television series and excellent divorces between the production company and some famous filmmakers who were hired in recent years for this or that project.

You will probably remember this during the opening session of the forum Star Wars celebration Set in London in 2023, Lucasfilm announced, with great fanfare, the arrival of three new feature films from the saga it directed. James Mangold, Dave Filoni And Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (documentary, activist and director Ms. Marvel). Respectively: one about the origin of the Jedi, one as a crossover event for “Mandoverse” and one after the new trilogy that will tell the story of the rebirth of the Jedi Order thanks to… irrigationa stamp Daisy Ridley.

In pure style LucasfilmIn collusion with the actors' and screenwriters' strike, no further substantive updates to the above-mentioned films were received in the months following the London celebration. In fact, instead of detailing any better release strategies – which we'll probably inevitably have to wait for the 2025 Star Wars Celebration in Japan – the arrival of another film dedicated to Mando and Grogu has been confirmed (here are the details ) directed by Jon Favreauwill enter active production later this year.

Inevitably, considering that The Mandalorian and Grogu It will be filmed over the next few months and could be released next year. When, in theory, it should also appear for the first time star Wars to Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy with Daisy Ridley. But no update has been given when the shooting has begun.

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Alarm bells sounded again, and there are already those who assume that the project has been halted and postponed, especially after Steven Knight He would decide to put the Star Wars script aside to devote himself to something he considered more pressing: a Peaky Blinders movie. The change in focus is due to creative differences between the author and Lucasfilm.

io9 I went directly to the source and learned from the company's official spokesperson that such rumors are completely inaccurate, which… Steven Knight He regularly works on the script and is an integral part of the creative process of star Wars with Daisy Ridley. The company will already be waiting for the final draft of the script which is scheduled to be delivered soon.

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source: io9

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