December 9, 2023

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Canada, snow and ice storm – RSI Swiss Radio and TV

Canada, snow and ice storm – RSI Swiss Radio and TV

Severe snowstorms recently hit eastern Canada’s most populous provinces of Quebec and Ontario, causing two deaths and leaving millions without power. This is the largest power outage in the province of Quebec since 1998.

“Montreal is devastated” but the situation is “under control,” Quebec’s Economy and Energy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon assured. Officials are warning people to stay away from downed power lines and avoid walking through wooded areas where snow-covered trees may fall.

An Ontario resident was killed by a falling tree on Wednesday, while a 60-year-old man died Thursday after being crushed by a branch he was cutting in his garden not far from Montreal. A million people are still without power, most of them in Quebec, but some lines have been restored.


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