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Jurassic World, a new movie arriving in 2025

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Dinosaurs aren't completely extinct yet, at least in cinema. In fact, he will return in 2025 Jurassic Worldthe saga is a sequel to the original Jurassic Park, taken in turn from the literary work of Michael Crichton. After the first two films in 1993 and 1997 directed by Steven Spielberg and the third chapter that appeared in 2001, the entire series was revived starting in 2015 under the auspices of Colin Trevorrow And with heroes of his caliber Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. after Fallen Kingdom (2018) e the field (2022), this other trilogy seemed to have come to an end, until news emerged in the last few hours that Universal Pictures had accelerated the process to bring a new film to fruition. a new movie In July 2025.

There are no exact details yet about this new film, but it seems that the project is very close to being interested David Leachformer director of Deadpool 2 And Express train. Fans of the first hour will also be pleased to know that the original producers of Jurassic Park Frank Marshall Spielberg himself will also return in this new chapter. Furthermore, connections with the original trilogy have intensified in recent films, with the involvement of historical interpreters such as Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill. Another exciting comeback will be a comeback David CobbFirst screenwriter Jurassic Park And its direct sequel Lost Kingdom. However, there's no news regarding the cast, so it's not certain we'll see Pratt, Howard, or the others return.

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After all, Trevorrow himself had previously said that his work on Jurassic World was just that He completely changed the face of this saga: “[Con Jurassic World: Il dominio] It specifically did something different to change the DNA of the franchise. The first five films were dinosaur plotsHe explained in an interview:This story instead revolves around characters coexisting in the same world as the dinosaursProducer Marshall said he was more open to different possibilities: “Let's not rest on our laurels. We will sit and see what our future will be like“, he said in 2022. Now we need to understand what the new 2025 film will be like You will connect to previous chapters. In the meantime, you really want to start rewatching again.

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