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“Enough is enough”, a historical turning point is on its way

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The Netflix streaming platform now allows the wide audience to catch up on movies, series and documentaries online and in a totally exclusive way. All thanks to a convenient subscription that can also be shared by multiple users at the same time.

The details that made this system one of the most loved by the public, but these particular details now risk changing completely.

Everything changes for Netflix subscribers (FFWebMagazine)

Netflix, goodbye co-branding: Here’s what’s about to change

To date, many have decided to subscribe to the note streaming platform Thanks to the possibility of being able to do so Share your account with friends or relatives. A convenient way also to reduce the costs of various subscriptions that are now numerous over time but above all very expensive.

However, that possibility now risks disappearing as the well-known US company seems determined to change course. It is a rumor that has been circulating for some time, but in these hours, he says Wall Street JournalConfirmation seems to have arrived. According to the latest rumors, the termination of joint accounts will come Starting next year And first in the USA, and then all over the world.

Netflix news
Netflix and newcomers (Photo ANSA)

On the one hand, this choice will increase the profits of the company. In fact, there is talk of new revenue for A total of $721 million. Big figure coming up against 30 million current subscriber account all over the world and they will cease to exist. A number that would also allow the platform to make new and significant investments.

However, this same option is also a risk and it is a risk Significant decrease in the number of subscribers. But apparently, the well-known platform has already prepared a potential new solution or a lower cost of subscription. According to some rumors Netflix He can give his audience the ability to subscribe to A new monthly subscription costs €5.49 With the addition of ads. All that remains is to wait for the actions to start in order to be able to evaluate the reaction of users.

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