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Football: Cagliari 5 / o, Saturday first play-off match with Venice – Sardinia

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Lapadola decisive in Cosenza: top scorer B

(ANSA) – Cagliari, May 20 – Fifth Cagliari and Lapadola’s top scorer in Serie B. This is the first ruling of the regular season after the match in Cosenza, the last in the championship, and the fourth consecutive victory for Ranieri’s team. The Rossopelli also beat the Calabrians with their usual Lapadula.

They beat Sottirol, but Parma’s victory over Venice made the dream of a fourth place fade away and thus a direct move to the semi-finals.

Thus, Cagliari will play the preliminary match of the qualifiers against Venice, one year after the Pinzo match that forced relegation to the second division, but this time, Cagliari will play at home next Saturday. By virtue of the best position in the standings, they would qualify even if by a tie. It will be a dry game. In the semi-finals, Ranieri’s team will find Parma in a double encounter on Tuesday 30 May and Saturday 3 June. In this case, Cagliari will start with double damage in the second leg in Parma. And the transfer of the Duke to the final in the event of a tie after the two matches. The double final takes place on June 8 and 11: if Cagliari beat Venezia and Parma, they will have to face one of the three between Soddirol, Reggina and Bari. If all goes as Rossoblu fans hope, in three weeks and five the Fire Games will be played. The highest place to climb is the last place to climb to Serie A.

Cagliari reached the playoffs with four consecutive victories. And with Lapadula in good shape: yesterday he scored the decisive goal and broke the wood of Cosenza’s goal twice. “After Gigi Riva, top scorer in Serie A three times,” Ranieri said after the match, “Cagliari is not the top scorer in the championship, this is the first time in Serie B. I congratulate Lapadola on this achievement, history books, I congratulate the whole team, now we are preparing mentally for the qualifying matches. Mancuso and Pavoletti are feeling more tired: Ranieri will have to work this week to renew them until injury time given that the fate of Cagliari, in the context of a possible balance, will come to an end in the last stages of each match. Now head to Venice. “Pohjanbalo did a great second run,” the coach said, “he’s a modern striker, he’s physically strong, he knows how to be in the right place at the right time. Getting into the playoffs was one of our goals, we succeeded and now we have to keep playing and fighting starting from the next race.” (handle).

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