June 4, 2023

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From Canada to Laviano in the footsteps of the pilot uncle

It was a long journey Canada In Laviano, Barry and Rita Ramsay arrived in the small town of Salerno, in memory of their uncle Wilfried, a pilot who died in the area in 1943 during World War II. The Salerno 1943 Association recreates the threads of history, which after extensive research were able to identify the location of Wilfred David Brown’s plane crash, and Barry and Rita visited.

Commitment of the Association

The meticulous work of the Salerno 1943 Association was able to reconstruct what happened on 19 September 1943, after a voyage between Avelino and Leoni, where Wilfred David Brown was struck in the sky by Laviano and lost his life. Age 23. A name that has left its mark on the history of World War II is engraved on the monument to El Alamein for his bravery in the famous war in Egypt. In addition, Wilfried David Brown owns a lake in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Wilfried’s body was buried elsewhere

Wilfried’s body was not found, however. This confirms that he was buried elsewhere Vincenzo Bellegrino, Salerno 1943 President: “It gives us satisfaction to share the memory of the young Wilfried. Thanks to the invaluable assistance of Raffaele Torluccio we were able to identify the scene of the accident without finding human remains on Mario Roberdillo’s field. This allows us to infer that Laviano was buried in the cemetery and later transferred to the American cemetery of Monte Soprano in Pasteur, without recognizing the signs of his body being destroyed by the impact of the ground and the subsequent fire of the plane. This is confirmed by the documents we found. It could be Wilfried.

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