September 23, 2023

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Google Blocks Canadian Information in Response to Online News Act

Google Blocks Canadian Information in Response to Online News Act

Google Responds to Canadian BillOnline News Act, blocking access to news sites in the country. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described the multinational as “a terrible mistake”.

“I’m surprised Google made the decision Prevent Canadians from accessing the news Rather than actually paying journalists for the work they do,” Trudeau commented.

Content of the Act

The Bill C-18Known as the Online News Act, it is designed to protect the interests of publishers.

The design aims to create new market guarantees for access to digital news. It also allows to verify and monitor the correctness of the informationAdequate compensation For print operators.

In fact, he asks web giants Negotiating economic agreements With publishers for use of copyrighted material.

Google’s reaction

“We are testing one Our product is the answer to the bill”, explained Google spokesperson Shay Purdy.

“It’s part of the thousands of tests we do every year in response to every search engine change.” The trial, which affects just 4% of Canadians, began in February It will continue for five weeks.

It’s a fair exchange for the giants of the web

Google and Meta agree on that Publishers use their services first. In fact, they advertise their products to the audience of both sites for free.

“In Canada, we estimate that the Facebook feed delivered more than 1.9 billion clicks in one year to registered publishers.” It will be, Meta says, “Free marketing in the form of posts valued at over CAD 230 million.”

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