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Concern for Bruce Willis’ health

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According to some rumors from Dr New Zealand newspaper “Herald” A serious health problem has been hitting for some time Famous American actor Bruce Willis.

the problem It will be about amnesia.

That’s why, again according to the newspaper, the actor recently He was making relatively inexpensive and low-budget films regarding its performance.

Then these films were released on the Internet platforms In order to provide him with more and faster cash income, in order to maximize profits even When he can still work.

However, there will be confirmations regarding these rumors from Informed sources who are very close to the great actor who – which It will confirm amnesia Although there is still no official diagnosis that confirms everything.

To talk about this fact was director Matt ScandariWho directed Bruce Willis in four films: “It’s a sad situation You see a legend like Bruce deteriorate before your eyesHe added: “I saw him while working with him for the past few years.”

The Oscars for Worst Films dedicate a special category to his most recent films

In short, a movie actor likedie hard“,”Pulp Fiction“,”The Sixth Sense‘ And the ‘disasterHe will come to the end of his great cinematic experience and now he will find himself Dealing with memory problemsbut also with low-end products, which They really don’t honor him.

Over the past year, Bruce Willis, Like and participated in eight filmsbut all of them were Critics consider him rather poor.

These provisions She also participated in the “Razzie Awards”, Or the Oscars (so to speak) worst movies: These awards have created one A section dedicated to Willis films.

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some progress Assuming the low quality of his recent films Both are found in memory problems.

Of course, sadness remains in the vision Such a great actor is slowly drifting away.

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