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Canada, a robot in the classroom to help children with learning disabilities

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A Robots in the classroom To help children with learning disabilities Focus on Study: It was developed by a team of engineersUniversity of WaterlooCanada, with results that satisfied both the children and their teachers.

A humanoid robot designed to interact with children

Named QTsmall A humanoid robot Capable of being developed by Canadian scientists Make gestures with head and hands: A property, together with the language in which it is set and the facial features depicted in the scene, constitute it Very suitable for communication with children with learning disabilities.

For their experiment, the researchers split up 16 Children with learning difficulties In two groups: the students of the first group worked individually with only one teacher; Instead the second group worked separately with the teacher and with the QT robot, which was controlled by the same teacher using a tablet. Later he independently performed various tasks Using speech and gestures.

Students with QT are more attentive and fast

Specifically, in addition to introducing the study session, the robot set goals and, if needed, provided self-regulation strategies. And if the student deviates from the intended learning process, QT used alternative and fun strategiesGames, puzzles, jokes, breathing exercises, and body movements can redirect him to the task at hand.

“Students who worked with the robot People were generally more engaged in their tasks and were able to complete them at a higher rate “Compared to followers who only have one teacher,” the professor said Kerstin DautenhahnProfessor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Research Coordinator at the University of Waterloo, published Journal of Social Robotics Science.

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