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How long should you sleep after 40? science reveals it

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How many hours should we sleep each night after we are over forty? Let’s get acquainted together with the results of a study conducted by UK scientists.

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We often hear that the ideal sleep duration should be 8 hours: is that really the case? Indeed, according to recent research, a lot depends on our age. What is the ideal time frame it should be in sleeping Who has more than 40 years? Here is the science answer.

The ideal time to sleep? It depends on the age

A team of researchers from the United Kingdom has linked optimal sleep duration to age.

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The research included a sample of nearly 500,000 adults, ages 38 to 73.

Participants completed a series of tests and questionnaires regarding their resting habits.

Then, the collected data was compared with a series of information related to brain health of volunteers.

In this way, it was possible to verify that sleeping for very short and very long periods can cause brain damage.

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How long should you sleep after 40?

In particular, the research team focused on the ideal sleep duration for middle-aged people.

The study found that anyone over the age of 40 should sleep 7 hours a night.

Those who announced during the research that they rested for this period of time, in fact, got the best results on cognitive tests conducted by the researchers, with respect to many factors such as:

  • solving problems;
  • attention;
  • memory;
  • Vision.

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The negative effects of deprivation and excessive sleep

How is the brain of people who, after the age of 40, instead of sleeping 7 hours rest for more or less time?

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In both cases, experts found a hippocampal stenosisIt is the area of ​​the brain most affected by sleep.

Not surprisingly, this particular condition, associated with deep sleep interruption – which is indispensable in the formation of memories and in strengthening memory – appears to be the basis of cognitive decline.

Moreover, not getting enough sleep can prevent the brain from getting rid of toxins and harmful substances.

After all, the importance of rest should not be underestimated: according to scientific evidence, in fact, good sleep is as important as regular and physical activity for our well-being.

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