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Jill Motor Fat Truck, Waterfall Work Vehicle for Off Road from Canada

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Made by Canadian Zeal Motor, the working vehicle is equipped with a Caterpillar turbodiesel engine that travels at speeds of up to 40 km / h, which slows down to 5 km / h when moving on water. Almost non-stop off-roading, the fat truck has a small size, only 3.72 meters in length.

Designed with Canada’s winter and summer climates in mind, snow and ice can cover most of the ground during winters, as well as agricultural expansions that can be characterized by sludge and low grip bottoms when mercury rises. In this habitat, the Fat Truck was designed and built, a work vehicle suitable for rescue missions and suitable for a variety of applications, manufactured by a company based in Jill Motor, Bromand, Quebec. .

Jill Motor Fat Truck, how it was made

Compact, massive, waterfall and almost irresistible. The Fat Truck, signed by Jill Motor, is available in two body versions: the 2.8 C model, with one carriage, two first-row seats, and six-passenger space; Or the 2.8 P model, a pick-up capable of carrying 2.2 tons of cargo. How is the cabin fat truck made? At 3.72 meters long (less than a Lancia Ypsilon), 2.54 meters wide and 2.565 meters high, the vehicle is compact and loadable, and stands 52.6 centimeters above the ground.

Jill motor fat truck, performance

The Fat truck with cap is equipped with a 2.2-liter, four-cylinder turbo diesel engine that produces Caterpillar capable of delivering a maximum of 68 hp at 2,800 rpm and 208 Nm of torque at 1,400 rpm. The vehicle, built by a North American company, can reach speeds of up to 40 km / h, with a maximum diameter of 1.64 meters and an area of ​​64 cm. On the other hand, the speed is reduced to 5 km / h when traveling on water across Ford streams or swamps. The fat truck, in fact, is a waterfall, equipped with a four-wheel drive and is capable of climbing slopes up to 35 and descending up to 22.

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Jill Motor Fat Truck, Features

Among the more intriguing features of the Fat truck is that the driver drives the vehicle with the joystick, while at the same time allowing you to go back and forth using the hydrostatic transmission pedal. Like other work vehicles, in fact, the engine of the fat truck, without a clutch, is connected to a hydraulic pump that transfers power to the wheels with an ultimate drive system consisting of two belts in carbon, bringing the oil under pressure. , One on each side. The advantage to the driver is that he does not have to engage in gears, especially on uneven and low-grip surfaces, at very low speeds, when traveling with net gain based on the fluidity of the maneuver. Among the options, moreover, the Fat Truck can be decorated with air conditioning system, Bluetooth enabled radio and reversing cameras. The remote control system is on the list of preferred parts.

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