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Excitement from Insine, Canada: “It is not true that he will earn 11.5 million”

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Lorenzo Insigne is a new Toronto player, but there is still a mystery about his salary figures.

Lorenzo Insine Chose to join Toronto for the next 5 years. There is a little more The mystery of the statistics of his engagement. 11.5 million net and bonuses are being talked about, but according to some news coming Canada The situation will be very different. At we read the following: “A direct source close to the action and directly from Canada revealed the real figures of the deal, which led Lorenzo Insigno to sign for Toronto FC: eight million euros a net for the season and a five-year contract for the bonus. Millions of dollars … but Canadian! “.

The exact number will be made public by the MLS Players Association in the second round of seasonal releases in September 2022. As far as we know, according to our sources directly from Toronto, Insigne will reach 15 with a net bonus of not getting 11.5 million euros a season. The statistics, in fact, made us very confused.

“For those of us at, these are always unreliable figures, perhaps the result of a misunderstanding of how to discuss these matters between net and total wages between Italy and the United States / Canada. The net worth of .5 11.5 million is about. 23 million a year. Dollars, with a total of $ 6.3 million in 2021 Carlos Vela is the highest paid league in the world“, We read at the end.

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