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Canada, A credit card linked to individual carbon emissions: a techno-despotic design

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Rome, 20 October – It comes from North America, specifically Turboprocrusita CanadaA recent innovation in terms of social control has fallen short of the prevailing principles of political correctness: we are talking about a Visa credit card directly connected Carbon emissions.
Vanicty, a Canadian corporate lender, says yes He is proud The first North American financial institution Carbon neutral That means “after reducing your impact as much as possible, you invest in carbon offsets so that the emissions you create as a company are equal to the emissions you reduce elsewhere through carbon offset projects”.

The bank will advise customers on how to limit their carbon footprint: “Many Vancity members are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment, particularly when it comes to climate-changing emissions.” , He announced Jonathan Foley, VanCity’s Chief External Relations Officer. “As a member-owned financial cooperative, we feel it’s our job to do what we can to help, especially when it comes to the decisions people make with their money. This tool will provide Vancity Visa cardholders with valuable information about their purchases and help them connect their everyday spending decisions to the change they want to see in the world.” ” said Fowley.

Canada, how a credit card tied to carbon emissions was born

This is a study conducted by four researchers and published Natures to introduce (or whisper?) the idea of Individual carbon allowances (PCA), i.e. the emissions directly attributable to our daily shopping, leisure or routine habits in a plant based on the Environmental Social Credit principle. Quotas would therefore be attached to certain limits or compensations, which, if breached, would have to be compensated by buying more new quotas, while the more “virtuous” could sell their excess.

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Clear design Techno-dystopian tonesWe have already seen effective methods for highly compliant people during the Covid-19 pandemic (readers are referred to Operant conditioning B. by Skinner), in which the already-emerging wealthy, a new breed of super-wealthy, will gracefully continue their lives of moral pretense and shameless grandeur, while the outcasts are given the freedom to obey, to be happy with nothing.

“In this context, the introduction of per capita carbon allocation (PCA), a mitigation policy proposal developed in the 1990s, is ripe for review. The policy aims to link individual action to global carbon reduction targets. A PCA program would result in all adults receiving an equal share of tradable carbon, which shrinks over time in line with national targets. Which means: “We are proud to support the launch of VanCity’s CO2 Calculator, the first in Canada on a Visa card. “This is a great example of how consumers can understand their environmental impact and value Visa’s commitment to a sustainable future,” he said. Stacey MadgeCountry Manager and Head of Visa Canada.

Canada, a typical story of repression

It should be said that Canada has already been renamed by some Chinata, is in good company. Even in Australia they are going in the same direction. The fact is that Trudeau’s homeland has already been able to demonstrate the “enormous and progressive fortunes” of the perfect vulgate, set up by a brutal social division between the just and the unjust, between the good and the bad, between friends and enemies. A process that proceeds cynically in suppressing any thought that borders on the prevailing narrative, in a complete redefinition of dialectics.

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Remember the spoken words Chrystia FreelandCanadian Minister of Finance, to control Truck driver demonstration Against Covid containment policies: “We now have the tools to follow the money. We can see in real time what is happening and what is planned, and we are determined to put an end to this now and for good. The consequences are real and bite.” Be aware. That’s really all that matters.

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