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That’s why Italy didn’t play

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Filed Novak Djokovic wins Australian Open Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final, round this week ATP tennis is at a standstill in terms of regular tournaments.

You don’t play for space Qualifiers for the 2023 Davis Cup Group Stage. The group stage will see its climax in September with the group stage, and the final stage for the qualified teams will be in November. However, Italy will not be in the field this weekend. Let’s see why and the betting schedule.

Davis Cup, Group Qualifiers at the weekend but Italy will not be in the field

This weekend they are playing around the world 12 qualifiers for the 2023 Davis Cup group stage. Four cities will be selected to host the group stages before the finals, again this year in Spain. Malaga from 21st to 26th November.

However, this weekend’s matches will not see the Italian national team on the field.

In fact, Italy has received a wild card from the organization And it already is They qualified for the group stage in September. This privileged status for Italy ties it with Spain, who have also been granted permission not to play in the first match of the Iberian national team.

There are four teams that missed this preliminary round in February: the other two national teams are not in the field now, but will only get there in September. The national team that won the Davis Cup in 2022 was Canada and the team that was defeated in the final was Australia.

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Davis Cup, Italy avoid dangerous rounds

Definitely good news for iNot on the pitch this weekend. We know how dangerous these early rounds can be, especially in Davis Cup.

Suffice it to recall last year and the Azzurri’s 2-3 hard-fought win Slovakia in Bratislava, led by Filippo Volandri, will have a lot to lose.

A defeat should have prevented them from first progressing to the group stage in Bologna and then from flying to the finals, where the national team were only beaten in a decisive doubleheader. Canada in the semifinals.

This year it will again host one of the four rounds in September at the Unipol Arena in Bologna. Wildcards have been issued since then Davis Cup Steering Committee.

Here are the 12 challenges scheduled for the Davis Cup 2023 weekend

Said thus Italy, Spain, Canada and Australia Let’s take a closer look at who can comfortably wait for this weekend’s qualifiers and what the 12 challenges are scheduled for.

Some will be played on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 February, while other challenges are scheduled for Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 February. Qualifying Teams There are 12 and they will end up in 4 groups of 4 with 4 formations taking advantage of the wild cards.

Let’s analyze inside 12 Describe eligibility challenges.

In Croatia The match between the hosts and Austria takes place at the Fast Indoor Stadium in Rijeka. Be in two forms between the called Silic on the one hand and the Theme on the other.

The second challenge is looking at opposites Hungary Training at home against France in Tadapanya (fasted inner court).

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Challenge between the hosts in Tashkent (indoor fast pitch).Uzbekistan And the American is also in the team along with Tommy Ball, a recent semi-finalist at the Australian Open.

A fourth challenge looks at Trier Germany The host is Switzerland. As for the current season in Europe, it is also played indoors on a faster pitch.

The fifth qualifying round match was very interesting Colombia and Great Britain. It is played in Kota and the Colombians have chosen outdoor clay to play against the English led by Norrie, Evans and Draper.

The sixth match between is in Oslo (fast indoor). Norway and Serbia. Among the zamindars is Kasper Rudd, who is absent from the guest set-up New Australian Open winner Novak Djokovic was invited.

Seventh Challenge Again in South America: The Chile Hosts Kazakhstan at La Serena (clay, outdoor). Eighth qualifier in Seoul: La South Korea On indoor artificial hosts in Belgium. Ninth all-European playoff between Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina: it is played on an indoor speedway in Stockholm.

The tenth challenge Holland and Slovakia: they will compete in Groningen, an indoor fast track. Eleventh game in between Finland And Argentina: played on indoor fast courts in Espoo in the Nordic country.

Finally there is Portugal-Czech Republic To try to contain Jiri Lehka and his teammates, the Portuguese opted for an indoor clay court.

Davis Cup 2023, 12 Match Summary





Columbia-Great Britain



South Korea-Belgium




Portugal-Czech Republic

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