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Alpine skiing, Cameron Alexander. Garnet – OA Sport excites Canada after 7 years

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It happened during two Alpine Sky World Cup runs in Quitfjel (Norway). In favor of athletes who started with more pectorals, the track accelerated. With Niels Hinderman and Cameron Alexander winning the tie 12 cents more than Olympic Super-G champion Matthias Meyer, the bizarre bet of the season came out.

Swiss Hinderman can not be considered an absolute surprise. He is a fast-growing athlete, already on stage in Bormeo and Val Gardena this year: bang, in this case, was in the air and formed in the Scandinavian snow. Canadian Alexander is a true garnet.

The maple leaf skier is young, but has no first hair: in July he will turn 25, the most lush age for a sprinter. He never went down in points this season: it means he never made it into the top 30.. Truth be told, his best result this year was ranking 40th at the Vengan. In short, Beijing is a great athlete who has not even been invited to the 2022 Olympics.

However, in the past, one small thing has been shown, He finished fourth in the 2020 calendar year, having missed out on almost 2021 before suffering a serious injury.. With Kvitfjell, moreover, he must have a special relationship because on 7 March 2020 he was ranked tenth as the best result of his career. Today, with bib n.39, he participated in the flow of his life.

Canada has not won a race at the Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup since 2015, When Dustin Cook imposed himself on Meribel’s Super-G. Prior to March 1, 2014, Kvitfjell was again the scene of Eric Quay’s apotheosis. North American skiers go to a wedding on the Scandinavian trail, where they compete every year in March, so with spring snow.

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Time will tell whether Cameron Alexander can assert himself or whether today will be remembered as a day of exploitation. However, it is safe to say that Canada will continue to compete for many years to come.Since it can count on great skiers like James Crawford, Brady Shaker and Frederick Thompson, the latter have suffered a bad fall today.

Photo: Lapresse

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