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Canada 2019: The ‘paralyzed success’ of the cut three years ago – history

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[Rassegna Stampa] – Sebastian Cut He crossed the line in front of Lewis Hamilton at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, but a five-second penalty for a dangerous return to the road after a run off the track pushed the Ferrari driver behind the Mercedes driver. Below are analyzes of major national sports and non-sports newspapers.

F1 was not killed this way
“A treasonous crime was committed against Ferrari in Canada, but above all it would be detrimental to the entire Formula One. Of course it was the pressure exerted by the Mercedes driver on Sebastian Vettel that caused his distraction, but at the emergency stage, at the end of the whole race, it is hard to imagine lasting on the wheel of a car.It runs wildly on the grass and with a Hamilton-like Mastiff a few centimeters away, there is a place to think with a cool head. If it is difficult to objectively verify the character of the volunteer, it is important that its purpose is to get the car back on track. Not only that, but above all, it contributes to legitimizing but precisely the controversy surrounding the poisoning of Formula 1, which has been affected by Mercedes’ dominance. With such a decision it ends up being invalid. […] The truth is, the Canadian Grand Prix offers us a Ferrari that is alive and well, at least under certain conditions. What a fight for us too. Fans of Formula 1 are not paying us enough, drowning in the sea of ​​rules, drowning out the excitement and passion that has been with it for almost 70 years. ”
Mauro Coppini, The Courier Tello Sport

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False judgment and even suicide
“She committed suicide in Formula 1 Montreal. Not every Ferrari pro has to cheer, and the decision to snatch victory on the track from the cut should be considered a borderline absurdity of disgrace. The success earned on the track, as it were, when returning after the chicken was cut, Chep lost his car, otherwise he could not have done; No restrictions were applied in other similar situations. And Vettel did well to send the racing management to that country and put the winner’s identity in front of his Ferrari. […] Who rules F1 is associated with a boring championship, dominated by technique and tires, often boring; With the rediscovered Ferrari and a ready-made injection of global excitement around the race, make the first real battle on the track clean and exciting. […] Things to consider instead of using questionable intensity combined with sensational myopia […]”.
Giorgio Terussi, The Courier della Serra

The cutter murmured
“[…] Sebastian Vettel fades into the radio with rage and feels plundered: he first crosses the finish line, but it’s an optical illusion. Never seen Germany, he headed to Park Fermat and changed the billboard from Mercedes of Louis Hamilton to 1 to 2. Applause rained down from the stands of the circuit named after Gilles Villanuev. Ferrari driving can have serious consequences. Two points have already been deducted from the Super License for this blatant resistance and, in addition to the chronological shortcoming. He wanted to send a very strong message against the “organization” that punished him. He went out against those 5 ”penalties that robbed him of the chance to have a Red Encore in Canada, and people understand him and support him. Lewis wins at the table, Boos wins (unfair), and as a top champion he understands his opponent’s mood, despite the action taken during the fight. Sit on the first step of the stage with him and invite the enemy to hug him. […]”.
Daniel disappeared, The Courier della Serra

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Bitter decision, but Ferrari will come back and lead the way
“Sin. Because, Ferrari has never been in a position to break yesterday’s ice with its first win of the year, because one small mistake made in cutting chicken, costs a lot. […] Chep took it badly because there were too many “shots”. […] Hamilton, who showered praise on him after the pole, did not deserve it. But everything is perfect, hot. […] The cut has been fined and we can argue endlessly about the verdict, but it is useless. As if there is no point in stirring up controversy. Looking forward, Canada has provided many good things for Ferrari […]”.
Gianluca Casparini, Gazette Dello Sport

Red angry
“Ferrari will lose when it wins. Vettel crossed the finish line for the Canadian GB first, but a 5-second penalty put him behind Lewis Hamilton. Whether the fine imposed on the German driver is right or wrong, the result does not change: seven wins for Mercedes, a total of 78 five-time world champions. But this time there is controversy and judicial pursuit as Ferrari appealed. The race-determining episode precedes the 48th round in the 70th round of the Canadian Grand Prix: the German driver, who has always been in the lead from the pole position, ends up on the grass and tries to adjust the path. The trail ends up being an obstacle for Hamilton. There is no volunteering, or it seems from the pictures. Race marshals decide to intervene anyway: the five seconds added at the end of the cut determine the outcome. For the second time this year, Ferrari loses an easy win […]”.
Stefano Mancini, Print

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