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Canada is a land of beautiful places to explore

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Photo by Jaime Reimer from Pixabay

Canada, with its high mountains and vast forests, ranks second in regional expansion in the world

To get to the country you need to get one eTA Canada, It’s a Regular travel visa Even for short vacations. The eTA is a document used to verify your identity, and once it is received, it is valid for five years (or expires when your passport expires). The entire eTA application process will be completed online.

Providing more wild and immaculate landscapes, The Canada It has wonderful cities built to livelihood and respect nature.

For those who love winter sports, this country is the perfect place to have fun and enjoy an emotional holiday. Of course, don’t forget to get your eTA before booking your ticket!

Let’s see what they are Some places to see From the Great Lakes to Toronto, to its Victorian style or Vancouver, it is known as a collection of many American film and television series.

Breathtaking Gravity: Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls They are undoubtedly one of the most famous places in the world, divided between the Canadian and American borders, and are visited more and more every year.

The width and depth of these waterfalls create a breathtaking panorama that you must experience at least once in a lifetime and it will surely silence you.

A romantic and memorable place to visit Niagara Falls all year long until you have an eTA for Canada.

Toronto, modern and diverse culture

Toronto The capital of the province of Ontario and one of the few true Canadian metropolitan areas. It rises on the shores of Lake Ontario and looks like a lively city, full of life and fun, thanks to the melting pot of culture, where everyone is accepted and you can always feel safe.

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The center of Toronto (“Downtown”) stands out for its tall and modern skyscrapers, ideal for families with large parks and recreational areas.

At the human level, it is easy to view and suitable for those traveling with children (remember that even small children must have their own eTA to travel to Canada).

Montreal, History of the country

If you want to go to the French-speaking province of Quebec, Montreal It is the perfect city to stay and stay overnight: full of history, it can count on many museums and places of interest.

During the winter months, one can book a trip to an underground city built to protect ancient citizens from the freezing temperatures of the Canadian winter.

Must visit Montreal Biodome and Notre Dame Basilica.

Vancouver, Los Angeles of the Canadians

Divided between mountains and sea, Vancouver It may be the most American city in Canada: it is no coincidence that it is a major hub in the production of movies and series, and it is not uncommon to see famous actors on its streets.

Banff National Park, a UNESCO heritage site

Banff National Park It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and traverses the Canadian Rockies.

It includes 1,000 natural trails suitable for casual travelers and extreme trekking enthusiasts. The lakes in the park are more beautiful than the others and you can spend the whole day in this area without getting bored.

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