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An essay between medicine, science and paranormal phenomena

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Madonna denied. A historical and medical file on the apparitions of the four Grapendale girls.; Scientific medical article written by Giorgio GalliardiWhich analyzes information and testimonials and encourages thinking.

Madonna denied By Giorgio Galliardi, Between science and supernatural phenomena

Giorgio Galliardi Gifts Madonna denied. A historical and medical file on the apparitions of the four Grapendale girls.; An article full of information and testimonies about the Marian holidays that took place between them 1961 and the 1966 In a small Spanish village. The author reveals the long and detailed account taken from the scientific medical observation of these unusual phenomena; The subject of study by believers, skeptics, churchmen and scholars. The same Jagliardi Psychotherapist, expert in the psychophysiology of altered and altered states of consciousness. In this regard, he wanted through his work to convey his testimony as a scientist in supernatural phenomena with scientifically reliable documentation; In order to give readers a comprehensive perspective from which to observe the event.

Among the reasons for interest in this article is the detailed analysis of the psychosomatic reactions of the four girls in San Sebastian de Garabandal During the Epiphany of Mary. but also from the community around them. In this regard, he proposes various theses of scholars who spoke about these emotional connections; From the text:

Bewasmon, a French psychiatrist and phenomenologist, noted that apparitions had a trend similar to that of infectious diseases. After the first apparitions, there was a contagious epidemic in people and places close to the supernatural or paranormal event. This infection is not of a physiological nature, but purely emotional; It is mass psychosis, the captivating emotion of the masses touching and afflicting the “most vulnerable,” the most sensitive.”

Behavior changes over time

In case of apparitions GrapandalTherefore, much attention is paid to the human element, and to the change in behavior over time; He divides the epiphany into cycles and thus shows how the approach to the paranormal phenomenon has changed. Another interesting aspect is the story of the tests that the four girls underwent during orgasmic comas; Non-reaction stings, burns, and stings that take away pain stimuli.

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Instead, the effects on the body were seen when the girls came back to their senses. The truth of what happened is a logical enigma but the author is careful to stress that scientific inquiry must stop where theological inquiry begins, and that it is right that the two take into account their respective limits without overstepping them, and that they do. Don’t indulge in excessive rationality or skepticism on the one hand, or preconceived ideas or emotional involvement on the other.

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