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Callisto Protocol: All the news from the first trailer for State of Play

Callisto Protocol: All the news from the first trailer for State of Play

The Callisto Protocol is back to show itself during state of play, and here’s everything we found out about the awaited survival horror from the creator of Dead Space.

The play condition June 2022 proved incredibly busy with advertisements, and despite competition on stage by big names and anticipated returns, one of the livestream’s hottest moments saw thousands of viewers around the world hold their breath for nearly two minutes, trying not to. He caught the attention of the odd creatures who trampled the screen at that exact turn.

It can often be difficult for a horror producer, in any field of entertainment, to adequately communicate pain and horror through a simple trailer, but the Callisto Protocol, shown during a Sony summer event, had the advantage of adequately conveying all of those sensations, becoming a no-brainer. Doubt a dignitary of the evening.

The trailer, which ended with a release date set for December 2, 2022, focused on the dark and frightening atmosphere of the Black Iron prison, and although the sequels haven’t led to new speculation about the embellishments that will adorn the gameplay in the upcoming release, the emergence of some unreleased information is the perfect opportunity to take stock of everything. Knowable about the new science fiction horror Glenn Scofieldthe father of the first dead space.

After all, the Callisto Protocol’s launch is approaching and finding yourself exploring an unprepared Jupiter moon is annoying. That’s why we tell you Everything we know about the Callisto ProtocolUntil they arrive ready for the appointment.

horror engineering

A glimpse into the dismal state of the Callisto Protocol

Like we said, the short space allotted to the Kalisto Protocol was able to transmit it very well dark atmosphere of the game and that’s because the trailer, rather than the gameplay, first wanted to emphasize the oppressive setting that we’ll find ourselves exploring starting next December. As we already knew, Glen Schofield’s new title takes place in a stifling prison colony located on the rooftop of Callisto, and as the same author explained in a post that appeared yesterday on the PlayStation Blog, it’s exactly the setting that’s a key ingredient in building a compelling horror experience.

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Scofield tells us abouthorror engineering‘, a technique he and his team used with the goal of making The Callisto Protocol a video game capable of ‘scarying’ its players. To evoke dreads and fears that are hard to forget, according to the Dead Space creator it is necessary to judiciously combine atmosphere, tension, brutality and feelings of helplessness, making extensive use of panic jump, which, however, must be carefully dosed by switching between quieter game phases and nightmare sequences. Not that terrifying biophagias aren’t actually the backbone of the horror experience, but for Schofield, atmosphere is everything, and it’s no coincidence that the parallels between Black Rock Prison and USJ Ishimura in Dead Space are manifold.: They are both separate places About civilization, where there is no immediate escape route, two oppressive, claustrophobic sci-fi labyrinths filled with all kinds of monstrous perversions.

The Dark Atmosphere of Callisto Protocol
The Dark Atmosphere of Callisto Protocol

Still with the goal of enhancing the atmosphere and a certain sense of immersion, Schofield claims to have worked a lot with the team on designinglight And that sound, because as you can well imagine, there is nothing more frightening than walking down a dark corridor surrounded by the screams and noises of the biovag, which bounces thanks to the three-dimensional sound between the cold walls of the prison.

In the words of the author himself, the Callisto Protocol’s voice sector will always try to make us heard “Trapped, isolated and lonelyAnd we tend to believe it without any effort.

Some ideas from the trailer for this game

Protagonist Jacob Lee suit
Protagonist Jacob Lee suit

The Posted on PlayStation Blog It contains many valuable information about the development of the Callisto protocol, but we cannot forget that the trailer is here, under our eyes, and although it does not reveal itself in the review of the main features of Play From the game, it’s especially helpful to get an idea of ​​what we can actually expect in front of the real action.

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For the first time, Striking Distance Studios looks like a classic Third-person shooter, which, however, gives great importance to hand-to-hand combat, as we have seen on more than one occasion during the State of Play promo. The protagonist, Jacob Lee, is at some point a big gun capable of neutralizing the smallest biophages fairly effectively, but we’ve often seen him engage in violent killings with some sort of big electrifying wand, which is supposed to accompany him through most of the adventure.

Another distinctive element of The Callisto Protocol, which we only glimpsed during the promo released yesterday, is the GRP, which is ‘gravity weapon It is used by the Rangers of the Black Iron that Jacob will be able to use to strategically manage the threat posed by brutal biological creatures. By using GRP we will be able to unleash our creativity in combat, using it for example to prevent the bacteriophage that forces us to throw into turbines or sharp spikes. We don’t know right now how deep this feature goes, and it’s not clear if it will be limited to just combat, but if we have to hope, we’d love to be able to use GRP to interact at 360 degrees with the game world, and possibly use it to solve. Environmental puzzles and unlock new paths to explore.

A biophage, hostile creatures of the game
A biophage, hostile creatures of the game

We can spend some speculation aboutGame interface, which throughout the duration of the trailer has never been shown to taint the horrific on-screen sequences. Dead Spaces has been marked by an almost complete absence of any graphic reference, and we hope that the team led by Schofield can once again focus on a solution capable of getting the player immersed in the elevation.

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The most attentive fan of Dead Space will surely have noticed the reference to Isaac’s armor in the small part colored indicator Placed on Jacob’s neck, it is almost certainly dedicated to indicating the protagonist’s health at all times. If we take that as a guide, there’s a very good chance that Striking Distance Studios will capture the legacy of Dead Space to deliver a truly bizarre, immersive, and frightening experience.

Not many The Callisto Protocol matches will be friendly
Not many The Callisto Protocol matches will be friendly

Just like a monstrous and disfigured bacteriophage, Callisto’s Protocol has dragged itself on all the rest of the Dead Space series to feed on the effects, atmosphere, and all the horror generated by the three seasons that Visceral Games signed, into a bloody feast that we don’t know if we’ll be guests or a main course . No doubt about it, the new development team led by Glen Schofield seems to have done an extraordinary job at re-proposing this kind of formula, and with a start-up studio preparing to launch Sci-fi survival horror Excellent capabilities.

There’s still some time left to come out, and it’s too early to be off-balance, but we’re accomplices Apparently avant-garde graphic sectorWe can’t wait to put ourselves in Jacob Lee’s shoes to plunge into a new, vivid nightmare on Callisto. The only uncertainty at the moment is the support for the older generation of consoles, where the Callisto protocol can be significantly reduced in terms of graphical impact. Glenn, you used to have our curiosity, but now you have our full attention.