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Sony increases its investment by $300 million and targets “multi-platforms” –

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Not only acquisitions, Sony intends to further enhance i PlayStation Studios Increasing the investment for the first party teams by more 300 million dollarswith the aim of expanding its business in the gaming market, aiming among others Publishing games on “multi-platform”.

The confirmation came from the latest Sony PlayStation shareholder report, in which the company specified that this investment will be devoted exclusively to developing new games at existing in-house studios, such as Santa Monica and Guerrilla Games, and is therefore completely separate from plans for upcoming acquisitions.

“We plan to increase game development spending to strengthen existing studio software by approximately 40 billion yen (about $308 million),” the company says. “Going forward, we aim to increase the gaming business by strengthening our proprietary software and publishing games on multiple platforms.”

“In addition to acquiring studios like Bungie and Haven in recent years, we have significantly increased our investment in content development in our existing studios. As a result, our software development has grown at a rapid pace.”

PlayStation Studios

We make it clear that “multiplatform” in this context can mean everything and nothing. Even just releasing games on PS5 and PS4 is effectively “multi-platform publishing.” However, the company’s intentions could be to create more PC ports for PlayStation Studios titles or to create games specifically designed for iOS and Android mobile platforms. we will see.

In any case, Sony’s goal is to continue to grow the potential of PlayStation Studios regardless of future acquisitions.

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