May 30, 2023

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MCU, bad news for the series in 2023: We won’t even see…?

Bad news for fans Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while not bad, it’s still a disappointment compared to the paces the Marvel Studios universe has become accustomed to in 2022. Despite a lot of series in the works, according to a new blog post on the Disney+ blog, we’ll see a “few” series in 2022: one we’ve been counting on. Missing is a given…

In fact, if you ask many moviegoers on both the big and small screens, 2022 has brought as many beloved successes as it has brought many audience “failures” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to estimates, a lot of this Overlapping suppression of distributionswith a record number of movies and series released throughout the year, due to The delay is from Covid-19which condensed into single vintage products designed for release back in time.

But now that those pandemic restrictions are no longer felt and also in light of some criticism from viewers complaining a The general bubble of products and the difficulty of keeping up with everyone2023 could turn out to be a younger year than expected for the MCU series. A blog post from Disney + Japan, which he just names, would reveal that Secret invasionAnd the Loki And the Iron heart It is also set to debut on the platform in 2023.

In fact, the number is not far from the estimates, even if one had expected it Fifth title at the end of the year And above all, in the middle, The second season of What If…? At the conclusion of Phase 4, to recap the multiverse. There are many series in the works, but some of them have very long production runs: not least Daredevil Born Again, which Charlie Cox nonetheless fears failure and therefore The end of his role as Matt Murdock.

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Some previously anticipated titles may come in the form of though Marvel Specialsnow that the format has launched and is a resounding success: Licantropus is one of the better MCUs According to all 2022 rankings.